What is an NLIS tag?

What is an NLIS tag? NLIS (Sheep and Goats) uses a combination of visually readable ear tags printed with a Property Identification Code (PIC), an NLIS movement document which accompanies every mob of sheep or goats when they move, and the recording of all movements of sheep and goats in the NLIS database, to provide […]

Does optical support Dolby DTS?

Does optical support Dolby DTS? Yes, optical audio connections support compressed Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1 surround sound. Which is better for sound optical or HDMI? The major difference is that HDMI cables can pass higher resolution audio which includes formats found on Blu-ray like Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master audio. Fiber optic cables […]

What causes high gas pressure?

What causes high gas pressure? Heating increases pressure If a gas is heated, its particles move around more quickly. They hit the walls of their container harder and more often. This increases the pressure. What is high natural gas pressure? The natural gas pressure of the gas line leading to the home ranges from approximately […]

What Machine Works pecs?

What Machine Works pecs? Benefits. The fly machine is ideal for increasing chest strength and muscle mass by targeting the pectoralis muscles. You have two sets of pectoral muscles on each side of the front of your chest: the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor. Is pec deck a compound exercise? This move requires your […]

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