What happened at COP22?

What happened at COP22? By the end of COP 22, parties which had ratified the Paris Agreement represented 79% of global emissions. Nonetheless, the COP presidency was able to galvanise political support for addressing climate change. The Marrakech Action Proclamation was made by heads of state, governments and delegations at COP22. How long does COP22 […]

What are the 6 steps to recovery?

What are the 6 steps to recovery? There are six main stages of change in addiction recovery: precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance and termination. Although people can move through these stages in order, it’s also common for people to go between stages, forward and backward, or be in more than one stage at a time. […]

How much does a bionic ear cost?

How much does a bionic ear cost? A cochlear implant and processor can normally cost up to $30,000, and Bone Anchored hearing aids near $10,000. While some of these costs can be covered by Medicare or basic private health insurance, some providers charge up to $10,000 for their implant programs! What are the disadvantages of […]

Why are boxer engines bad?

Why are boxer engines bad? The disadvantages of the boxer engine include the engine size and the difficulty of maintenance. Other manufacturers have meddled with the boxer engine, but Subaru and Porsche are the only manufacturers that still persist with this engine configuration until today. Is a boxer engine good? Due to the low, wide […]

What is the latest version of Jamulus?

What is the latest version of Jamulus? Jamulus Developer(s) Volker Fischer and contributors Stable release 3.8.1 / October 23, 2021 Written in C++ Operating system Windows (ASIO / JACK) macOS Linux (Jack) Android License GPLv2 Is Jamulus peer to peer? Jamulus runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows computers together with public and private servers. Open […]

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