What is the 1337 meme?

What is the 1337 meme? 1337 Speak (Or otherwise known as “Leet Speak”) was a meme that first started in 1997. The meme would basically be replacing some letters with numbers. Examples being: replacing an A with a 4, replacing an L with a 7. What l33t means? The word “l33t” itself (also “L337”) is […]

Is a Dodge Stratus a good car?

Is a Dodge Stratus a good car? It’s a nice looking car and very comfortable. I’ve had it for years now and the only major fixes were to replace a water pump, rotters, and the gas hose neck. At over 265, 000 miles my car is still a great running, dependable car! bought my 2000 […]

Can I buy a motorcycle directly from Honda?

Can I buy a motorcycle directly from Honda? American Honda has announced a motorcycle home delivery program. “Customers will be able to complete the entire purchase process without leaving their home or business,” American Honda said in a press release. … How many Honda motorcycle dealers are there in Canada? Honda Canada Inc. supports a […]

What color is rhodamine 6G?

What color is rhodamine 6G? Rhodamine 6G chloride is a bronze/red powder with the chemical formula C28H31ClN2O3. Although highly soluble, this formulation is very corrosive to all metals except stainless steel. Other formulations are less soluble, but also less corrosive. How does Rhodamine 6G work? A liquid dye, such as rhodamine 6G, composes the active […]

What tubing is UV resistant?

What tubing is UV resistant? Surethane UV™ Polyurethane Tubing is extrused from ether-based UV-Stabilized resin. Not only does this tubing offer excellent resistance to hydrolysis and oil, but it offers increased resistance to harmful UV rays. Is polyethylene tubing UV resistant? Polyethylene Tubing is UV and acid resistant, made from the highest quality resins available. […]

How is Japanese Romanized?

How is Japanese Romanized? What is Romaji? Romaji is the method of writing Japanese words using the Roman alphabet. Since the Japanese way of writing is a combination of kanji and kana scripts, romaji is used for the purpose that Japanese text may be understood by non-Japanese speakers who cannot read kanji or kana scripts. […]

What happens if a law is ultra vires?

What happens if a law is ultra vires? If one or the other, in enacting a law, goes beyond the jurisdiction allotted to it by the constitution, the court will declare that measure ultra vires. These delegated bodies may, within their established limits, adopt regulations which, to be valid, must not exceed the limits prescribed […]

Who is Kideros wife?

Who is Kideros wife? Susan Mboyam. 2011 Abigael Kiderom.?–2010 Evans Kidero/Wife Did Tom Mboya have children? Susan Mboya Peter MboyaLucas MboyaPatrick Mboya Tom Mboya/Children Is Pamela Mboya alive? Deceased (1939–2009)Pamela Mboya / Living or Deceased When was Tom Mboya assasinated? July 5, 1969, Nairobi, KenyaTom Mboya / Assassinated How old is Evans kidero? 64 years (May […]

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