What is Symplectite texture?

What is Symplectite texture? A symplectite (or symplektite) is a material texture: a micrometre-scale or submicrometre-scale intergrowth of two or more crystals. Symplectites form from the breakdown of unstable phases, and may be composed of minerals, ceramics, or metals. What type of rock is cordierite? igneous rocks Cordierite is a silicate mineral that is found […]

Is 130 lbs fat?

Is 130 lbs fat? 130 lbs is in the normal range for someone 5′3″, but if you are concerned focus on fitness rather than calories. Strong brains weigh more and contain fatty tissue. Strong muscles weigh more than muscles marbled with fat. You have a 23.0 BMi so you’re w ith in the normal range. […]

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