Why was the hula hoop banned?

Why was the hula hoop banned? Hula Hoops are popular all over the world, but were once banned in Japan for indecency, and in Russia for being an example of “the emptiness of American culture.” Although the fad has faded, there are competitions for most hoops spun at one time (currently 105) and for freestyle […]

Can vultures sense death?

Can vultures sense death? They find their food, typically called “carrion,” using their keen eyes and sense of smell, often flying low enough to detect the beginnings of the decaying process in dead animals. If that icky maneuver doesn’t succeed (almost impossible to believe), the buzzard then feigns death. Do vultures symbolize war? JD- It’s […]

Where ACE inhibitors are contraindicated?

Where ACE inhibitors are contraindicated? Contraindications to ACEI use include hyperkalemia (>5.5 mmol/L), renal artery stenosis, pregnancy (ACEI or Australian Drug Evaluation Committee [ADEC] pregnancy category D), or prior adverse reaction to an ACEI including angioedema. Can ACE inhibitors be used in children? Commonly used ACE inhibitors in paediatrics There are numerous ACE inhibitors available; […]

How can a female endomorph gain muscle?

How can a female endomorph gain muscle? Some good weight lifting exercises an endomorph should perform are squats, deadlifts, pushups, and circuit weight training routines. The “well rounded” workout approach will allow the endomorph to lose fat while also gaining massive amounts of muscle mass. What should female Endomorphs eat? Focus on complex carbohydrates like […]

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