Are Cleo and Deuce together?

Are Cleo and Deuce together?

Deuce Gorgon is Cleo de Nile’s boyfriend from Monster High series.

Is Cleo from Monster High supposed to be Cleopatra?

Cleo also solely goes by the name Cleo in the Monster High without the adding of the family name “de Nile” to not raise suspicion to her name resembling the Egyptian name Cleopatra and having a name that has to do with the river, the Nile, which is what her surname is based on.

Who is Cleo de Niles sister?

Nefera de Nile (voiced by Wendee Lee) is the daughter of Ramses de Nile and is Cleo’s older sister by three years. She has blue, black and gold streaked hair, and purple eyes.

Are Viperine and Deuce cousins?

Deuce Gorgon is Viperine’s cousin. They usually only are together in family reunions at Petros Island but may have become closer now that Viperine has established friendships at Deuce’s school, Monster High, and especially with his girlfriend Cleo de Nile.

Who is Deuce Gorgon from Monster High?

Deuce Gorgon is Cleo de Nile’s boyfriend from Monster High series.

Is Deuce in love with Cleo in Monster High?

In the Generation 2 reboot in ” Welcome to Monster High ” when Cleo and Deuce first meet he accidentally petrified her. In a photo after Cleo is returned normal Deuce smiles guiltily at her while she is unimpressed. In the reboot Deuce is skinnier and shy and still attracted to Cleo.

What is Deuce’s relationship with Viperine Gorgon?

Every summer vacation, Deuce and his mother travel to Greece to visit his aunts, Stheno and Euryale, the former of which Deuce often has a cook-off against, which may be where his love of cooking came from. Viperine Gorgon is Stheno’s daughter, thus making Deuce and Viperine cousins.

Why does Deuce break up with Cleo?

Deuce is nervous to go to Boo York with Cleo and her family. Deuce is intimidated by an Egyptian mummy prince Cleo’s father unsubtly tries to push Cleo into the arms of. At one point Deuce feels he’s embarrassed Cleo long enough and breaks up with her, breaking her heart.


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