Are white letter tires still available?

Are white letter tires still available?

Not surprisingly, many tires for trucks still proudly display white letter sidewalls. Since they have the room, they are able to offer space to advertise brands and models.

How do I get the white letters on my tires?

Tire Lettering In 5 Easy Steps

  1. Remove the tire from your car.
  2. Scrub the dirt and oil from the lettering area or the whole tire with a tire cleaner (or Windex if you don’t have tire cleaner).
  3. Grab your medium tip paint marker and shake it well.
  4. Color in the letters with the marker.

Does Michelin make raised white letter tires?

These specialized raised white Michelin tire letters can withstand daily driving, track days and extreme driving conditions. Ultra high quality raised rubber, our Michelin Tire Stickers are engineered to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions and temperatures.

Does Firestone make white letter tires?

Designed and manufactured in the USA, using new molds and materials, this tire features authentic sidewall markings and tread pattern, with radial construction. This is the ultimate muscle car tire!…Extended Protection for Your Tires.

Brand Firestone
Sidewall Style Raised White Letter

Does Goodyear make white letter tires?

Both N/S and E/S tires have the words Goodyear and Polyglas elevated in small solid white lettering.

Do all BFG ko2 have white letters?

Yes, they’re there, so you can see them if you’re looking for it, but it doesn’t jump out at you on most vehicles. For example the KM2 has white on one side, black on the other.

Do Michelin defenders have white letters?

DEFENDER LTX M/S WITH OUTLINED WHITE LETTERING Tires by MICHELIN TIRES®. What’s more, this eco-friendly tire can save you more than 65 gallons of fuel over the life of the tire!

How do you install Michelin tires?

Starts here2:48Mounting a Tire – Michelin Tires at Chaparral Motorsports – YouTubeYouTube

How wide is a G60 tire?

Tire Size Conversion Chart

Tire Size Overall Diameter Section Width
G78-15 28.0″ 8.4″
G70-15 27.5″ 8.6″
G60-15 26.4″ 9.7″

What are oval tires?

Firestone Wide Oval was an Original Equipment Tire for Muscle Cars built between 1967 through 1973. Today, they are still manufactured in the USA in the original Wide Oval molds, utilizing today’s modern rubber technology, assuring you quality and authenticity.

Do all tires have white lettering on one side?

they are all right. most tires can be put either way. look at most truck and suv tires. they give the customer the option of going black wall or white lettering.

How do you get white writing on tires?

Why did they stop making white letter tires?

Why did those classic tires disappear, and what’s the deal with the resurgence in tire lettering? Early pneumatic tires were all white as a result of mixing natural rubber with zinc oxide to increase grip. Carbon black was later added to the tread portion for better durability, leaving white sidewalls.

Do white letter tires cost more?

Also, the cost to manufacture raised white letter tires is significantly higher than standard tires and more likely to result in defects during production. This means even if you can locate a raised letter tire in your size, with the brand and performance you desire, it will not come cheap!

When did white letter tires come out?

Mickey Thompson claims the first raised white letter tires in 1970, but many manufacturers put out similar raised white letter tires in the late 1960s and early 1970s, including Goodyear and Firestone.

Does white sharpie work on tires?

Let’s get into it. – White Sharpie brand OIL BASED paint pen; the secret behind the whole operation. For best results use the Sharpie brand, OIL BASED pen. Do not buy a tire letter specific pen offline, or any other type of paint pen.

When did white letter tires become popular?

Tire lettering made its way to production tires in the mid-to-late 1960s in the form of raised white letter tires and gained popularity with American muscle cars in the 1970s and 1980s until tire manufacturers stopped producing raised white letter tires on a mass scale.

Are white letters on both sides of tires?

White lettering is only on one side, so u have the choice of white or black letters showing.

When did they stop making whitewall tires?

Whitewall tires fell out of fashion in 1960’s, especially when radial tires become the dominant choice.

What kind of tires have white letters on them?

Larger truck tires were introduced and as they had lots of sidewall room, they were perfect for raised white letters. Goodyear took advantage of that space early when they christened the Wrangler family of tires. A number of the Wrangler tires have sported options for white letters or outlined white letters ever since.

What are Dunlop’s new geomax® tires?

The rapid new-product development within Dunlop’s Geomax® line of premium off-road tires benefits all types of dirt riders. The Geomax MX33 and MX53 motocross tires were developed with input from top AMA Pro racers.

How were raised-white-letter tires made?

By molding raised text on the white rubber sidewall, coating it with black, and then removing the layer covering the letters, the raised-white-letter tire was created. Joe’s Buick retained the look of the whitewall’s heyday. Photo by Joe Zito. In the same way that whitewalls were a style, raised-white-letter tires had a following, as well.

What kind of tires did motorcycles wear in the 1970s?

Street tires got the look, too, and they became especially popular with muscle cars, trucks, and performance motorcycles. If you’ve owned a motorcycle from the 1970s or 1980s, it might have worn some sweet white-letter tires like the Dunlop Qualifiers, K81s, or maybe some Bridgestones.


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