Can AMD Sempron 145 run games?

Can AMD Sempron 145 run games?

Awesome Processor from AMD! it’s the best processor in it’s price range. You can play casual games, Watch HD movies, Browse the Internet and do some Office stuff. 1MB Cache and 2.8 GHz clock speed is fairly good enough for a budget PC.

What socket does Sempron use?

Socket 754
The Sempron replaced the AMD Duron processor and competed against Intel’s Celeron series of processors….Sempron.

General information
Instruction set x86, AMD64
Physical specifications
Cores 1, 2, 4
Socket(s) Socket A Socket 754 Socket 939 AM2 Socket S1 AM3 FM1 FM2 AM1

When was the AMD Sempron released?

July 2004

General information
Launched July 2004 to April 2014
Common manufacturer(s) AMD
Max. CPU clock rate 1.0 GHz to 2.9 GHz

What type of RAM does the AMD Sempron 145 support?

Featuring C3 revision of the original core, the AMD Sempron 145 processor supports two DDR3-1333 modules per memory channel and works with both Socket AM2+ and Socket AM3. The Level 2 cache on this OEM/tray processor delivers a capacity of 1 MB for extensive handling and prioritization of high-level, mission-critical processes.

How many motherboards support the AMD 145 processor?

A list of chipsets, that support the AMD 145, was compiled from CPU support lists, published on our website. There are 891 motherboards, compatible with this processor. Complete list of these motherboards is available on the AMD Sempron 145 motherboards page. The specs of the Sempron processor are published with the permission of the

How much do Sempron 180 microprocessors cost?

The new processors are offered in a wide range of prices, from budget dual-core Athlon II 265 at $76 and up to high-performance Phenom II 1075T at $245. Sep 17, 2010: At the end of July we published preliminary specifications of Sempron 180 microprocessors.

What is the difference between the AMD 145 and the 140?

Beside the new stepping, the AMD 145 is clocked 100 MHz faster than Sempron 140, and in all other aspects this this model is similar to 140. Internally the Sempron 145 is still based on Regor core with one CPU core disabled. Model number? Frequency? Bus speed? Clock multiplier? Processor core? Core stepping? Level 1 cache size?


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