Can an EMT administer Narcan?

Can an EMT administer Narcan?

Twenty-four states legally allow intermediate EMS (AEMT and EMT-I) and paramedics to carry and administer naloxone. Five states allow all levels of EMS aside from EMR to carry and administer naloxone, and 19 states allow all levels of first responders to carry and dispense the drug.

Who can administer Narcan in NJ?

State law allows physicians to prescribe Naloxone (Narcan ®) to anyone in a position to assist others during an overdose (e.g., bystanders).

How much Narcan can an EMT administer?

Dosing can range from 0.04mg to 4mg. An initial dose of 0.04mg IV or IO with repeated doses up to 2mg is the usual dosing for the advanced life support (ALS) pre-hospital provider.

Do all EMTs have naloxone?

As part of the health care process, dispatched EMS personnel routinely use naloxone in efforts to save lives at the scene of injury. However, EMT-basic providers are prohibited from administering naloxone in most states.

Why would a paramedic use Narcan?

Introduction: Naloxone is a medication that is frequently administered in the field by paramedics for suspected opioid overdoses. Most prehospital protocols, however, require this medication to be given to patients intravenously (i.v.) or intramuscularly (i.m.).

Is Narcan legal in NJ?

Phil Murphy signed into law Friday. Better known by its brand name Narcan, Naloxone was administered 14,437 times in 2020, according to information from the state Attorney General’s Office. One of the bills signed into law (S3491) will expand access to anyone who wants to obtain opioid antidotes through a pharmacy.

How do I get Narcan in NJ?

You can obtain naloxone from your local pharmacy for yourself or a family member, friend or care giver.

What do Emts do for overdose?

If the overdose is opioid related, first responders need to inject naloxone intravenously for a quick reversal of the opioid overdose effects. Naloxone’s effects last from 20 to 90 minutes and allow the patient to breathe again until he or she can receive further help.

What meds can EMT give?

Medications authorized for administration by EMTs are:

  • Activated Charcoal.
  • Albuterol.
  • Aspirin.
  • Epinephrine, 1:1,000 via EpiPen® or vial.
  • Nitroglycerin (Tablet or Spray)
  • Oral Glucose Gel.
  • Oxygen.
  • Tylenol.

What do EMTs give people who OD?

Can EMTs administer naloxone in New Jersey?

New Jersey Department of Health has issued a waiver that authorizes all certified EMTs and Paramedics to administer Naloxone to individuals experiencing, or believed to be experiencing, opioid overdose. Please see the documents below for general information and implementation regarding the Naloxone (Narcan®) Program:

How long is EMT training in New Jersey?

New Jersey EMT training is a study intensive course equivalent to the work of a 6-credit college course lasting a minimum of 190 hours.

What is the Narcan ® protocol?

Intranasal administration of naloxone (Narcan ®) is the protocol recommended by the Department of Health. Free trainings are available in all 3 regions of the state, as noted below.

Who can use naloxone (Narcan®)?

Additionally, funded organizations have established a procedure to make naloxone (Narcan ®) available to those who are either at-risk or have family, friends or loved ones at-risk for an opioid overdose. Intranasal administration of naloxone (Narcan ®) is the protocol recommended by the Department of Health.


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