Can I still use a Google AdSense with a banned YouTube account?

Can I still use a Google AdSense with a banned YouTube account?

Google Adsense will continue work even if your Youtube account is terminated. You can use Google Adsense to monetize websites or other youtube channels.

What if my Google AdSense account been suspended?

If your account is suspended, you’ll receive an email stating whether this action was due to policy violations or invalid traffic. Please search your email for a message from AdSense and review the relevant section below: Common reasons AdSense accounts are suspended for invalid traffic.

How do I unlock my AdSense account on YouTube?

Set up AdSense using a Content Manager account

  1. Sign into your Content Manager account.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Under the Overview section, you’ll see AdSense (you may need to scroll to see it).
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Click Continue to AdSense.
  6. You’ll need to enter your YouTube account password and re-authenticate.

How do I get unbanned from Google AdSense?

  1. Open a new Google account, but do not apply for adsense, instead use it for few months as a normal gmail account.
  2. In the meantime, try alternative Ad publishers.
  3. If you get more than 50k impressions, then you can try BuySellAds or similar ad publishers.

Can Google suspend my account?

Google may suspend users’ accounts for many reasons. If you violate any of the user policies, the Search engine giant has the right to close your account at any time. Once banned, the user loses access to services such as Gmail, YouTube, Play Store, and Google Drive.

Why do accounts get suspended?

When a website has received an “account suspended” notice, it means that the web host has taken your site down temporarily. They do it for a number of reasons like malware infection, excessive use of server resources, payment failure, and other policy violations.

How long is AdSense suspension?

30 days
What is an account suspension? If your account was suspended due to invalid traffic, ad serving has been turned off on all of your content for a fixed period (most frequently 30 days). This includes any website, YouTube channel, and/or mobile app.

How long is YouTube account suspended?

In case you continue to violate the guidelines, you will be issued a strike, causing your account to be suspended for one week, and you will have 90 days to keep a clean record to avoid further suspension. During the suspension, you will not be allowed to: Upload videos or stories.

How do I know if my AdSense is linked to YouTube?

Sign in to YouTube Studio. Select the Monetization section on the left menu. Under YouTube Partner Program Options, you’ll see details about the AdSense account you currently have linked with your YouTube channel.

How do I reinstate my AdSense account?

To reactivate your account:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Enter the URL of your site.
  3. Click Reactivate account. We then check your site to see if it’s ready to show ads and meets the AdSense Program policies. This usually takes a few days, but in some cases it can take 2-4 weeks.

Can you get banned from AdSense?

Some other common reasons for being banned from AdSense are: Click fraud (when Google suspects that you’re clicking on your own ads, or asking others to do so) or getting “click bombed” Creating multiple AdSense accounts. Tampering with AdSense code.

Why is my Google AdSense account suspended?

Common reasons AdSense accounts are suspended for invalid traffic. Clicking the ads on your own site or YouTube channel. Publishers must not click on the ads on their site or YouTube channel, and must not artificially inflate the impressions or clicks that the ads receive, either through automated or manual means.

How long does a suspension last on AdSense?

Suspensions can last for different lengths of time. The duration of your suspension will be specified in your email notification. If you have been suspended, you’ll still be able to sign in to your AdSense account. However, no ads will be shown for the duration of your suspension.

What is an account suspension and how does it work?

While we usually notify publishers and take action for policy and invalid traffic at the site level, there may be times when we will need to suspend or disable accounts due to policy violations or invalid traffic. An account suspension gives you time to make the relevant changes to your site. Suspensions can last for different lengths of time.


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