Can you craft lightsabers Swtor?

Can you craft lightsabers Swtor?

Artifice is a crafting crew skill. Artificers can craft lightsabers, generators, foci, relics, and item modifications such as color crystals, dye modules, and hilts. They can reverse engineer their crafted items and possibly discover new ways to improve their creation.

How do I make a lightsaber in swtor?

To start crafting, press the B key to open the crew skills window, and the Artifice symbol beside a companion. This will open the crafting schematics window which shows everything you have available to craft – when you chose Artifice as a crew skill, you got some basic schematics to help get you started.

Can you craft dyes Swtor?

Crafted Artifices Dyes in SWTOR Craftable dyes can be crafted by players who have the Artifice crew skill levelled to the correct Artifice level. Once you have reached the required Artifice level, the schematic for these dyes can be purchased directly from the artifice crew skills trainer.

How do you get a dual lightsaber in swtor?

Only 2 classes (one Republic and one Empire) gets a double lightsaber and that happens when you leave your starting planet and go to the fleet to choose your advanced class (if you choose the one that uses a double lightsaber).

How do I change my lightsaber appearance in swtor?

Hold down “Ctrl” and right click on the saber, then a window opens, move the mod to the correct slot and hit apply. This can be done for all orange items and some purple ones.

How do I make a lightsaber Kotor?

Go to Dantooine:

  1. Go to the crystal cave for your crystals (color and crystal).
  2. Go to the Enclave.
  3. Rescue Jorran (Pick up the Farm Equipment Subquest at the City Hall while your at it).
  4. Finish the Farm Equipment subquest and as a reward, the guy will give you final lightsaber parts.

How do you craft items in swtor?

You can craft anytime after you have a companion and have gotten to the Fleet station of your faction. Your Crafting Skill window and your Companion window are the same thing, to open it press “N” or use the button on the top of your window.


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