Can you use a grinder as a car polisher?

Can you use a grinder as a car polisher?

Speed kills your paint. The problem with using an angle grinder for polishing your car is the rotational speed. Angle grinders, with the exception of the variable-speed grinders, such as the Bosch GWS8100CE, typically work on one set speed, typically around 9,000rpm to 12,000rpm to either grind or cut.

Is a grinder the same as a polisher?

Angle grinders will have more torque than a polisher-buffer. Angle grinders are meant to do much heavier work, than a polisher/buffer. While you may be able to interchange pads between the two… I would NOT attempt to buff or polish a car with a heavy angle grinder.

Can you put a polishing wheel on a grinder?

Can you put a buffing wheel on a bench grinder? As you can see, it is possible to put a buffering wheel on a bench grinder. The process is not that difficult, and any handyman can do it in a few minutes.

Can you turn a grinder into a buffer?

Yes, you may turn a grinder into a buffer. You would need to get random use out of the grinder to prevent this from occurring, which means you would need to take more breaks in between grinding as not to cause the tools to overheat.

Can I use a drill to polish my car?

Yes, you can use a drill to polish your car, but it’s much harder than with a machine polisher, and you are more likely to over polish or burn the paint. It is always recommended to use machine polishers for polishing your car.

Can you use an angle grinder to Polish a car?

To use your angle grinder to polish your car, you need to meet 3 requirements: RPM: you need to have a variable speed control angle grinder. It should get as lower as 3000-3500 rpm, at least. Power: your angle grinder power needs to be comparable to a polisher’s power (which may vary a lot, from 600W to over 1000W);

Is it safe to machine polish your car?

It is humanly impossible to oscillate your hand evenly over the entire surface of your car at a rate of 2,500-6,800 times per minute. IS MACHINE POLISHING SAFE? Absolutely, as long as you are using the correct type of car polisher. There are three basic types of car polishers so choose carefully.

What are the problems with polishing with a grinder?

The rotational speed is the biggest problem when it comes to polishing with a grinder. A common polisher has variable speed: for example, the DEWALT’s DWP849X in the figure above ranges from 600 to 3500 rpm no load speed; the Avid Power AEP127 has variable speed from 1500 to 6800 rpm.

How long does it take to Polish a car?

Even if you have never used any type of car polisher, you can successfully polish your car’s paint and achieve that sought after, deep, wet looking shine! There’s a little bit of technique involved, but most people can pick it up it in about 5-10 minutes.


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