Can you use Weiman stainless steel Cleaner on wood?

Can you use Weiman stainless steel Cleaner on wood?

Give your appliances the showroom treatment with the convenient Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish. Restore the brilliant look of your kitchen with our line of Weiman products that compliment your wood floors, cooktops, granite surfaces, silverware and more!

Is Weiman cooktop cleaner safe?

Enhance the natural beauty of cooktop surfaces in your home with the Weiman Glass & Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner & Polish. A unique, non-toxic formula, safe to use regularly on any smooth top range, electric flat top grill, induction grill and all radiant, halogen glass, ceramic or glass cooktops.

Can you use Weiman stainless steel Cleaner on granite?

These Weiman wipes are the best way to clean stainless steel appliances. These wipes are formulated for stone surface countertops like granite, marble and natural quartz surface, however, Weiman wipes are excellent for cleaning chrome, fiberglass, microwaves, stainless steel and much more.

Is Weiman stainless steel Food Safe?

Can I use this on stainless steel cookware, flatware or food prep surfaces? Yes, but you’ll need to thoroughly wash the surface with a mild dish detergent and water prior to using it for direct food contact.

Who makes Weiman?

New York, NY – Global investment firm The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ: CG) and global growth private equity firm TA Associates today announced that they completed an acquisition of WU Holdco, Inc.

Can you use Weiman glass cooktop cleaner on oven door?

Yes, this product can be used on several types of glass. It’s effective at cleaning shower glass, oven windows and fireplace glass panels in particular. Just wash with soap and water after use on food-contact surfaces.

Can you use glass cook top cleaner on granite?

Glass Cleanser: Glass cleaners such as Windex may look like a good choice to use on the glossy finish of your granite counter. However, they can also dull the finish of your granite, and they can dull it in a patchy, uneven way that will make certain areas appear more noticeable to you in the future.

Is Weiman granite and stone safe for quartzite?

Yes, Weiman Granite & Stone Daily Clean & Shine with Disinfectant can be used on any sealed stone, or hard non-porous surface. This product is safe for use on Quartz, as it’s a solid surface.

Is Weiman a good cleaning brand?

Weiman is a top specialty surface cleaning manufacturer. See all our exceptional specialty cleaners including stainless steel, granite, cook top and leather. Weiman Products, Clean and Care for Each of Your Surfaces

How do you clean Weiman stainless steel appliances?

Bring out the best in your stainless steel surfaces with Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish Spray. It leaves a protective barrier that resists fingerprints and dust to keep your appliances shining like new. Turn nozzle to ON position and spray directly onto surface.

What is in Weiman kitchen clean up kit?

Weiman Kitchen Clean Up Kit comes with everything you need to let your stainless steel, granite and wood shine. Clean, shine and protect your most prized surfaces with this excellent wipes variety pack.


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