Reading is a big part of a students’ life. You start by reading simple books with a lot of pictures and grow up to serious masterpieces that require you to understand characters’ deepest thoughts and emotions. Writing books is hard, but writing about them may be even harder. So what can you do if you have to do a book report? Let’s take a look at the few ways to cope with the problem.

There is no doubt you have searched for that one. And it is ridiculous to expect an original paper with no plagiarisms on free websites. “What if I don’t want to pay someone to do my book report?” you may ask. Well, you can always do it yourself. Even though it does not sound like a lot of fun, here are the tips to help you out:

    1. Listen to your teacher

Every teacher that will give you a report has some special requirements that may differ from the basic ones. Be sure to write them down and reread time to time. The teacher may not necessarily give you the book, but you still have to know an approximate length and a genre to choose.

Know the deadline. Keep in mind the amount of words you need to write. Also, find out if you have just to summarize the book, or also give your own opinion on it.

    1. Read the book

If you have to choose the book yourself, try to find one that appeals to you more and will be interesting to read. This way you will finish it faster and understand it better. Take notes while you read. Write down the main characters and ideas. Highlight the quotes you like, as you can later use them while writing. Shortly note the parts of the book or even personages you dislike and the reasons why. Always reread your notes before you start writing. Make sure you understand what the book is all about, so you can confidently guide a reader through it.

    1. Make the intro

There is a reason for this part to be called an introduction, so don’t forget to introduce the reader to the book. Start with the title and the author. If required, add the genre, year of publishing and the number of pages.

Next part of your intro is a thesis statement. It shows what the entire report will be about. Imagine that your audience has never read the book. Make them want to go deeper and get known to it.

    1. Write the body

One of the most common mistakes students do while writing a book report is telling about every chapter in details. What you actually need to do is to overview the book. Set the scene: where and when the events take place. Outline the major themes; mention the main characters and the way they evolved in a story. Navigate a reader through the book; show that you know where you are going with your story. There are three important points to mention: the start, the climax, and the ending. Give credits to the author. Discuss the books’ structure, the hook and even compare this book to the others, written by the same person. Show your own opinion on the book. How did you like it? Was it interesting and appealing? Did it make you feel emotional? Be persuasive, make the reader care about your opinion and agree with it.

    1. Wrap it up

Summarize what you have written. Don’t retell the story again, just make conclusions. Add some recommendations regarding the book. Why would you advise someone to read or not to read it? Who will the book be interesting to and why? Don’t be afraid to show your opinion again but in more assembled way.

    1. Proofread

Always leave some time to proofread your paper. You may also ask your friend to do it. If your work has to be really polished that is when you have to think “Do I need someone professional to do my book report editing?” If it is that important, then yes, you do. The pro editor will not only make your work free of grammar and punctuation mistakes, but also make sure that you understood the book, and it is clear from your paper.

So now, instead of begging “Can someone do my book report for free?”, you can actually do it on your own and get a good mark. But, if you are still not sure, you can always use some help.


Writing book reports is never easy. It all begins when you have to read the book, and it happens to be not as short as you have expected. Sometimes, literature can be boring and hard to understand. So how can you write a report on it if you don’t really get it? Let the professionals do it for you! Just pass all of the requirements to the writer, set the deadline, and we will notify you when your work is done! Moreover, no one will ever suspect that you have costumed the paper, as the writer can give you a more detailed book description, so that you will understand the plot and your whole work from A to Z. Completely original, free of mistakes, your book report will rock it!