How did Alexis de Tocqueville describe Democracy in America?

How did Alexis de Tocqueville describe Democracy in America?

As “Democracy in America” revealed, Tocqueville believed that equality was the great political and social idea of his era, and he thought that the United States offered the most advanced example of equality in action.

How did Alexis de Tocqueville describe the 1830s in America?

How did Alexis de Tocqueville describe the 1830s in America? The president believed Americans had too much liberty and too little security.

Why the writings of Alexis de Tocqueville were important?

He is best known for his works Democracy in America (appearing in two volumes, 1835 and 1840) and The Old Regime and the Revolution (1856). In both, he analysed the improved living standards and social conditions of individuals as well as their relationship to the market and state in Western societies.

Why did Tocqueville wrote Democracy in America?

Tocqueville’s main purpose in writing Democracy in America was to analyze the functioning of political society and the various forms of political associations, although he also had some reflections on civil society as well as the relations between political and civil society.

Is Tocqueville’s democracy in America a great work of political writing?

Alexis de Tocqueville’s four-volume Democracy in America (1835-1840) is commonly said to be among the greatest works of nineteenth-century political writing.

What was Alexis de Tocqueville’s purpose in his travels?

Alexis de Tocqueville’s official purpose was to study the American penal system, but his real interest was America herself. He spent nine months criss-crossing the young country, traveling mostly by steamboat, but also sometimes on horseback and by foot.

When does Tocqueville’s history begin?

Since Democracy in America was published in 1835, Tocqueville’s history begins in approximately 1100 CE. The first paragraph of the history gives a brief sketch of Europe at that time, before the great movement towards equality began.

What is demdemocracy in America?

Democracy in America brilliantly captures and mimics in literary form the growth of an open, experimental society, a dynamic political order deeply aware of its own originality. Its grasp of these qualities of democracy was undoubtedly nurtured by Tocqueville’s peripatetic through the young American republic.


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