How do I clear my battery cache?

How do I clear my battery cache?

There’s one particular trick that I find can help save your battery life even when others do not: clear the app cache for all apps that might be misbehaving. Go to Settings | Apps, locate and tap the app in question, tap Storage, and then tap CLEAR CACHE.

What is power saving mode on Galaxy Watch 4?

Power saving mode Activate power-saving mode to save battery power by limiting the Galaxy Watch4 Classic’s functions. From the watch Apps screen, tap Settings. Tap Watch only to get even more battery life.

What is the Smart Stay feature on my Galaxy S4?

“Smart stay” is a feature on the Galaxy S4 that senses when the user is looking at the phone’s screen. This allows the device screen to stay lit even while the user is not physically touching the screen, and timeout correctly when the user does not look at the screen.

Is the Galaxy S4 waterproof?

Samsung Galaxy S4 is not waterproof. Some of its special features include sharing music and images using Group Play, controlling the unit without touching the screen but using Air Gesture and recording sound with photo shots using Sound and Shot.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S4 have a flashlight?

The camera flash on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is powerful enough to be used as a flashlight to peek into dark corners — under the couch, down the stairs, in the recesses of the closet, or where ever else you may need to look. Samsung devices come pre-installed with a handy toggle for this kind of utility.

Is Samsung Galaxy S4 Active?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is an Android smartphone produced by Samsung Electronics and released in June 2013. As variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the S4 Active contains similar specifications, but it also features water and dustproofing designed around the IP67 specifications, along with a more rugged design.


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