How do I contact Sprint by phone?

How do I contact Sprint by phone?

This section supports personal wireless customers only.

  1. Support Help:
  2. Chat:
  3. Social Customer Care:
  4. Sprint Customer Service phone number: 888-211-4727. If troubleshooting your Sprint phone, please contact us from a different phone.
  5. Postal Mail:

How do I get a human at Sprint?

Call Sprint customer service, 1-866-866-7509. There will be a number of COVID-19 notifications. When you are finally prompted with options- Press 2 (assuming you do not want call in Spanish) You will reach a live Sprint Representative.

What is going on with Sprint service?

It’s an expected move as T-Mobile continues to absorb Sprint’s network and customers into its own base, and comes six months after its contentious planned January 1, 2022 shutdown of Sprint’s 3G CDMA network. A third of Sprint customers have already been moved onto the T-Mobile network, according to T-Mobile.

How do I open a Sprint Business account?

To register, go to Click the “Sign in” button and select “Sign up now”. Enter business phone number or account number to be routed to the business registration page. Additional registration is required to access Enhanced Account Management.

Does Sprint offer toll free numbers?

Toll Free Services including Toll Free Phone Numbers , 800 Number Service and more from Sprint Business Solutions. With Sprint Basic Toll-free(SM) Service, you serve and respond to customers more effectively and at the same time, manage customer calls more efficiently.

What number do you call to pay Sprint bill?

Call 888-211-4727 to discuss payment options.

How do you text Sprint?

The address to send the message to is the subscriber’s number, then For example, if the number you are sending the message to is 318-555-1234, the address to text would be [email protected]

Does Sprint still exist?

We have answers. T-Mobile successfully acquired Sprint as of April 1, becoming one company and effectively bringing the total number of major US cell carriers from four down to three. At least for now. And as of August 3, the Sprint brand is officially no more.

Which is better T-Mobile or Sprint?

Sprint data. T-Mobile does more with its unlimited data options. There’s really no competition when it comes to LTE data speeds between Sprint and T-Mobile. In other words, T-Mobile always wins with faster speeds and more reliable coverage.

Is Sprint going out of business?

January 2022 has been cited as the date for the full Sprint CDMA network shutdown, at which point any phone that uses that network exclusively would become about as useful as a brick.

How much is the Sprint business account?

Sprint’s business plans cost between $15.00 and $70.00 per user, per month for basic features like unlimited data, talk, and text, as well as great global roaming options.

What is a Sprint business?

The Sprint Method is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers. It’s a “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, and more—packaged into a battle-tested process that any team can use.


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