How do I find out if someone is in jail in Pima County?

How do I find out if someone is in jail in Pima County?

How to Find Someone in Pima County Jail. If you suspect someone you know is held at the Pima County Jail, you can call direct to the jails number (520) 741-4600, and talk to the officer on duty. You can also drive to the facilities location 1750 E. Benson Hwy.

How do I put money on an inmate in Pima County Jail?

Once you know the inmate’s name number, visit the GTL AdvancePay website at or call (800) 483-8314 to add funds to an inmate’s account. Funds can be added using debit or credit cards, checks, money orders or Western Union.

How long does it take to get released from Pima County Jail?

An inmate ordered released from custody during a video court hearing will be processed at the conclusion of the court session. It may take up to five hours for the inmate to be released.

How many inmates does the Pima County Jail hold?

2500 inmates
Pima County Jail offender locator: Booking Date, Projected Release Date, Court Type, Arrests, Disposition, Bookings, Release Date, Inmate List, Appeals Court, Warrant, Who’s in jail, Mugshots, Bond. The Pima County Jail has 2500 beds, and typically has around 2500 inmates housed at any given time.

How many inmates are in Pima County Jail?

Pima County Jail and Prison Statistics

Total Jail Admissions 32,508
Total Jail Population 1,838
Female Jail Population 302
Male Jail Population 1,553

How do I put money on an inmate’s books in Arizona?

You can make a deposit to an inmate’s account by Internet or telephone, or from a special kiosk located in the jail(s) or at certain retail locations throughout Maricopa county. Telephone deposits may be made by calling the following toll-free number: 1-866-355-9593.

How do I add money to my GTL account?

GTL offers eight convenient options to fund accounts:

  1. Online –
  2. Automated telephone (IVR) system.
  3. Payment via operator-assisted call.
  4. Payment via certified check or money order.
  5. Payment via Western Union.
  6. Lobby Kiosk (where available)

Do I have a warrant in Pima County?

Warrant searches and court records in Pima County Warrant searches in Pima County begin with the You can obtain the case status for criminal cases filed in Pima County through this online resource.

How do I call Pima County jail?

You can also call the Jail Visits Hotline at (520) 351-8114….Also in this section:

  1. Inmate Lookup.
  2. Pima County Jail.
  3. Pay a Bond.
  4. Transfer Money.
  5. Commissary Ordering.
  6. Court Information.
  7. Inmate Property.
  8. Inmate Visitation.


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