How do I restore Windows Photo Viewer?

How do I restore Windows Photo Viewer?

It’s easy to get the trusty old Windows Photo Viewer back — simply open up Settings and go to System > Default apps. Under “Photo viewer” you should see your current default photo viewer (probably the new Photos app). Click this to see a list of options for a new default photo viewer.

How do I uninstall and reinstall Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10?

Reinstall Photos app in Windows 10 using PowerShell

  1. Step 1: Open PowerShell as an administrator.
  2. Step 2: In the elevated PowerShell, type the following command and press the Enter key to uninstall the Photos app.
  3. get-appxpackage *Microsoft.Windows.Photos* | remove-appxpackage.

How do I reinstall Photos app in Windows 10?

To reinstall it, go to the Microsoft Store app, search for “Photos,” then select and install the Photos app (with “Microsoft Corporation” listed as its developer).

Which is the best app for photo viewer for Windows 10?

Comparing Some of the Best Photo Viewers

Name Best For Operating System
PhotoDirector 365 AI tools for adding visual effects. Windows, Mac, iOS, & Android.
ImageGlass Lightweight and Open Source Image Editor Windows, MAC
IrfanView OCR enabled Image Curating and Editing Windows
WidsMob Pro Superfast Media Manager Windows and Mac

How do I reinstall photos on Windows 10?

How do I fix the Windows 10 photo app?

Fix-1 Reset Photos App-

  1. Click on the Search box and type “Apps & Feature“.
  2. Then, you have to click on the “Apps & Feature” in the search result.
  3. Scroll down through the Settings window, click on the “Photos” and then click on “Advanced options“.
  4. Now, click on the “Reset” to reset the application.

How do I change the picture viewer in Windows 10?

How change the default photo viewer on Windows 10? Click on Start and go to Settings > System > Default apps. Click on the Photo Viewer dropdown menu and select the app you’d like to use. The new setting will apply to most if not all image file formats (.

How do I repair windows 10 Photos?

To do this, right-click the Start menu and go to “Apps and Features.” Next, scroll down to “Photos” in the list and click it, then click “Advanced options,” and in the next window click “Reset.” This will wipe all data from the Photos app, including any saved image presets or settings you may have had and get it back …

How to get Windows Photo Viewer back in Windows 10?


  • Unzip and run the attached .reg file by double-clicking. Windows Photo Viewer will now show up in Default Programs or Default Apps, and the file
  • Click Start → Settings → Apps → Default apps.
  • Under “Photo viewer”, select Windows Photo Viewer from the list.
  • How do I enable Windows Photo Viewer?

    Set Windows Photo Viewer as Default. After enabling the Windows Photos Viewer, you need to set it as the default photo viewing application. 1. To do that, click on the notifications icon and the select the option “All Settings.”. Alternatively, you can also use the keyboard shortcut “Win + I.”.

    Can’t find Windows Photo Viewer Windows 10?

    Windows Photo Viewer isn’t part of Windows 10, but if you upgraded from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you might still have it. To check, press and hold (or right-click) a photo in File Explorer, and select Open with. If Windows Photo Viewer isn’t in the list, you cannot install it on Windows 10.

    How do I get the normal desktop view back?

    Click a blank portion of the taskbar. Hold down the primary mouse button, and then drag the mouse pointer to the place on the screen where you want the taskbar. For example, you may want the taskbar to be positioned vertically on the right side of your screen.


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