How do you attack a town hall 10 war base?

How do you attack a town hall 10 war base?

  1. To start the attack you’ll need to start with a funnel that consists of a Golem and 2 Witches on either side of the side you’re attacking from.
  2. After you get those 6 troops down, you’ll place the remaining Golem, 6 Witches, Barbarian King, Archer Queen, 5 Bowlers, and Wall Wrecker down the middle of the side you chose.

What is the best army for Town Hall 11?

Updated list of all troops, spells, buildings and traps of Townhall 11 maximum levels are (2020):…# Exilir troops:

  • Barbarians, archers, giants and wizards →level 8.
  • Goblins, balloons, wall breakers and P.E.K.K.A. → level 7.
  • Dragons → level 6.
  • Electrodragons → level 2.
  • Healers, miners, baby dragons → level 5.

What troops should I use TH10?

For TH10, according to my choice the best troops for trophy pushing are: FOR AIR ATTACK: 1}TROOPS: 3lavas,25 loons,12minions and 1archer. 2}SPELLS: 4rages, 1healing, 1haste or poision according to choice and your attack strategy.

Can You three star all the town hall 10s in Warzone?

While so many Town Hall 10s and 11s now on the war map, it becomes critical to be able to three star all of the Town Hall 10s, or at the very least a two star with 80% or higher destruction. Traditional attacks may not always work, which is why it is important to learn multiple attack strategies to be prepared to take out any base.

What is the best strategy for Town Hall 10 players?

If there are any Hidden Teslas or Inferno towers, freeze them with your spell. Use the Jump Spell on the center compartment where the Town Hall is. This should be all it takes for a lot of loot and at least a two star! This strategy should only be used by Town hall 10 players, based on how expensive and how much time it takes to train.

What is the best base in Clash of clans Town Hall?

Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Guide: Best bases, Attacking Strategies and more. 1 1. Laboratory. Essential and always the first priority of any clasher. The need of higher-level troops is very important, even if you prefer farming 2 2. Grand Warden. 3 3. Army Camps. 4 4. Storage. 5 5. Clan Castle.

How do you play gowipe Town Hall 10?

GoWiPe Town Hall 10 Strategy. The Lightning Spell and Archers are used for drawing out and killing Clan castle troops. Deploy the Golems on three different sides of the base. Then add your four PEKKAS around each side of the base. Now choose what side you want to attack with Wizards from and spread them out there.


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