How do you get themes in Fallout 3?

How do you get themes in Fallout 3?

To buy themes from Moira Brown, you need to choose the “I’m looking for some things for my house” option, followed by “Tell me about your Themes”. You must have a house(s) for the option to appear. When you pick a theme and tell her you want to buy it, you will be taken to the shop menu.

Can you get house Fallout 3?

Obtaining either house revolves around a task to do with this bomb. Lucas Simms, self-appointed town sheriff will ask you to disarm the bomb. Simply go up to the bomb and press the interaction button, disarm it, and return to Simms. For your troubles, he’ll give you a key to your very own home in Megaton.

How do you get the empty house in Fallout 3?

Sheriff Lucas Simms or his son Harden Simms, (if the sheriff has been killed), gives you a key to the house after you disarm the atomic bomb in the center of Megaton. At this point the “Empty House” appears as My Megaton house.

How do you get into Paradise Falls in Fallout 3?

Gaining entrance

  1. Speech check and a bribe of 500 caps in return for entry.
  2. Accept the Strictly Business quest and capture at least one of the four VIPs.
  3. Complete the Head of State quest in favor of the slavers.
  4. Fight or sneak in (provokes slavers).
  5. Have evil or very evil Karma and ask ‘Do you know who I am?’

How do you use the food sanitizer in Fallout 3?

Fallout 3. The food sanitizer in Fallout 3 has a passive effect on the player as long as it is in the player’s inventory. While in the player’s inventory, the food sanitizer will increase the HP value of food by 20%. The food sanitizer has no effect on the radiation rating of the food.

What happens if you rig the bomb in Megaton?

Disarm Megaton’s atomic bomb If successful, the player character will get the reward and the keys to a personal Megaton house. The reward is usually 100 caps, but with the successful use of the Speech skill on Lucas (before actually disarming the bomb) the reward can be upped to 500 caps.


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