How do you install Mallory Unilite distributor?

How do you install Mallory Unilite distributor?

Put the distributor hold down clamp in place and tighten slightly, leaving it loose enough to turn the UNILITE® Distributor. Make a mark on the UNILITE® Distributor housing where the rotor points. Install the UNILITE® Distributor cap.

Does a Mallory Unilite require a ballast resistor?

Coils are 12 volts; however, they do have different amounts of primary resistance, which is measured in Ohms. You can still use a coil with less than 1.4 Ohms, but you must install a Ballast Resistor (Mallory #700) between the coil and the distributor, install on Red wire coming out of the Unilite distributor.

Who owns Mallory ignition?

MSD announced on January 4, 2015, that they had acquired the Accel Performance Group, which included Mallory, Mr. Gasket, Lakewood, Quicktime, and Hays, and this move aims to solidify the company’s ignition products under one brand, while continuing to provide service for legacy customers.

How do you adjust the mechanical advance on Mallory distributor?

To adjust the advance limit on these assemblies, DO NOT BEND ADVANCE TAB. Rather, loosen the two screws and rotate the advance plate to adjust limit. Re-tighten the screws after adjustment. The amount of advance can be adjust- ed from 0° to 28°.

What does an ignition ballast resistor do?

The ballast resistor allows the ignition system to operate at a lower voltage until the engine starts. After ignition, the alternator begins to recharge the battery, restoring the regular voltage.

Who makes Mallory distributor?

Mallory Ignition is one of the five premier brands of the Prestolite Performance Group. All brands insure quality, reliability and value for all of your performance and custom needs.

Where are Mallory distributors made?

Mallory Electric manufactured its products at 1742 Nicholas uilding, Toledo, Ohio.


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