How do you turn 10 percent into a fraction?

How do you turn 10 percent into a fraction?

To convert a Percent to a Fraction follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: Write down the percent divided by 100 like this: percent 100.
  2. Step 2: If the percent is not a whole number, then multiply both top and bottom by 10 for every number after the decimal point.
  3. Step 3: Simplify (or reduce) the fraction.

What is the percent of the shaded part of 10 10 grids?

Rule for finding the percentage of shaded squares For example, if the number of shaded squares in a 10 × 10 grid is say 18, then the percentage of shaded squares in the grid is 18%.

How do you change fractions to percents?

To convert a fraction to a percent, first divide the numerator by the denominator. Then multiply the decimal by 100 . That is, the fraction 48 can be converted to decimal by dividing 4 by 8 . It can be converted to percent by multiplying the decimal by 100 .

What is 6 out of 10 as a percentage?

Now we can see that our fraction is 60/100, which means that 6/10 as a percentage is 60%.

What is 7/10 as a decimal and percent?

Answer: 7/10 in decimal form is 0.7.

How do you convert percent to a fraction?

To convert a percent to a fraction, we have to remove the percent sign and divide the given number by 100. And, then we express the fractional form of the percentage in the simplest form. For example, 1% is 1/100, 2% is 2/100 which can be reduced to 1/50.

What is 0.10 as a fraction?

Decimal to Fraction Chart

Decimal Value Fraction Value
0.0625 1/16
0.08333 1/12
0.1 1/10
0.111 1/9

What is the percentage of the visible figure is shaded?

More videos on YouTube Notice that all three methods result in the same answer: 60% of the figure is shaded.


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