How long should a half Ironman take?

How long should a half Ironman take?

How long does it take to finish a Half Ironman Triathlon? The answer, based on our analysis of more than 67,000 finishers in 40 Half Ironman triathlons: about 6 hours, on average. Swim 1.2 miles in 45 minutes, Bike 56 miles in 3:00, and Run 13.1 miles in 2:15.

How do you predict time in Ironman?

Ironman time prediction = 186.3 + 1.595 × (PB for Olympic-distance triathlon) + 1.318 × (PB for marathon). For example, if you can run a 3:30hr marathon and have recorded a 3:00hr PB for an Olympic-distance triathlon, your predicted Ironman time would be 12.5hrs.

How do you pace for a half Ironman?

So don’t expect to run fast like it’s an individual half marathon. Realistically you should be aiming for an intensity that’s similar or slower than your full-marathon pace….6 to 8 hour Half IRONMAN Athletes:

  1. 85-87% of your threshold heart rate.
  2. 86-87% of your 1-hour race pace.
  3. Feels like 3.5 out of 10 intensity.

What is the average Ironman time?

12h49 min.
The average Ironman time is 12h49 min. The women are covering the distance in 13h35 min and the men in 12h38 min. The swim portion lasts 10% of this time (or 1h19 min), the bike 50% (or 6h19), the run 38% (or 4h54 min), and finally, the transitions 2% (17min).

What is a good FTP for Half Ironman?

If you’ve been training with power, then you should already know your estimated functional threshold power, or the highest sustained power you can maintain for one hour….Reference established norms.

Race distance % of FTP
Sprint 90–105%
Olympic 85–95%
Half-Ironman 75–85%
Ironman 65–80%

Is a marathon harder than a Half Ironman?

But because it’s full-impact body pounding the entire time, the marathon is harder. If you are only there to complete, a half IRONMAN is definitely easier due to the variety and the fact that swimming and cycling take less of a toll on your body than running. Try walking a marathon – you won’t finish in time.

Is a 70.3 Ironman hard?

A 70.3 is hard because you have to go fast the entire way, but it just doesn’t seem as painful as 26.2 miles running on pavement. I’ve even shared the opinion that running a fast stand-alone marathon is somehow more difficult that pulling together a decent marathon at the end of a 140.6.


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