How many coaches are there in Mumbai local train?

How many coaches are there in Mumbai local train?

15 coaches
Mumbai Suburban Railway

Train length 12 or 15 coaches
System length 427.5 kilometres (265.6 mi)
Track gauge 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)

How many coaches are there in Indian local train?

As of March 2020, Indian Railways’ rolling stock consisted of 2,93,077 freight wagons, 76,608 passenger coaches and 12,729 locomotives. IR owns locomotive and coach-production facilities at several locations in India.

What is the length of ICF coach?

Shall we use Integral Coach Factory (ICF) or Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB)? LHB coaches are more modern, let’s use those. The length of a LHB coach is 24.7 metres. Multiplied by 24, we have 592.8 metres.

How many first class coaches are there in Mumbai local?

The general compartments include 3 general first class and the rest are second class compartments. Anyone can travel in it.

Why ICF coaches are blue?

The name of this train is Mettupalayam – Ooty Passenger, commonly known as ‘Nilgiri Passenger’ which passes through dangerous mountains. You must have noticed that most train coaches are blue in colour indicating that these coaches are ICF coaches i.e their speeds vary between 70 to 140 kilometers per hour.

What is the weight of ICF coach?

Passenger Coach Weights

Type of coach Tare weight(t) Payload(t)
WFAC (EOG Ist AC) 44.60 2.00
WCBAC (Pantry car) 47.90 4.00
WSCZAC (EOGAC Chair car) 42.80 4.50
WGSCN (Self Gen. 3-Tier) 39.50 5.80

How many compartments are there in Mumbai local train?

A train is divided into various compartments for the ease of its travellers. There are 4 ladies compartments (including the first class). This is for the comfort and safety of female passengers travelling, especially during peak hours. While some are 24hr ladies only, the others allow men after 11pm till 5am.


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