How many Ferrari 400 were made?

How many Ferrari 400 were made?

A total of 1,305 units were made. Due to the America’s smog and safety regulations, the 400i never made it onto their market. The 400i was replaced in 1985 by the Ferrari 412, with minor changes to the exterior and a slightly bigger engine, a 4.9-liter developing 340 hp.

What is the cheapest Ferrari 348?

At $35,000, it was certainly the cheapest Ferrari 348 available in the country, but other than the high mileage, there were some other factors to justify the low price.

What is Ferrari’s entry-level car?

The 2021 Ferrari Roma is the best entry-level yet for the Italian luxury automaker, and it should give Porsche something to sweat about.

Is the Ferrari 400i under-appreciated?

Often denigrated, primarily because of quality issues but also over subjective reactions to the design, the 400i is actually the cheapest way into a Ferrari V-12, so a specimen that has enjoyed some loving attention could make a superb addition to the collection. “Probably under-appreciated,” writes a friend who owns a V-8 Ferrari.

What kind of engine does a Ferrari 400 have?

The 400 was improved for 1985 with an increase in displacement to 4.9 L (4943 cc, 302 cu in) and a restoration of the original car’s 340 PS (250 kW). ABS was offered for the first time on a Ferrari; the manual and automatic transmissions were both retained.

What is the difference between a Ferrari 400 and a 412?

The Ferrari 400 and Ferrari 412 are front-engined 2+2 coupé cars from Italian manufacturer Ferrari and were available with the 5-speed all synchromesh or an optional 3-speed automatic transmission unit from General Motors. Their design was derived from the almost identical looking 365 GT4 2+2 version of the famous Daytona.

How much horsepower does a 400i have with electronic fuel injection?

And despite the electronic fuel injection leading to a nine-percent drop to 310 horsepower (but a more favorable emissions test), the 400i went down the road with authority, no matter which transmission the 4.8-liter twelve was matched with.


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