How many references do I need for a 10000 word dissertation?

How many references do I need for a 10000 word dissertation?

Originally Answered: How many references do I need for a 10,000 word dissertation? As many as you need to support the claims not following from your own work. But as a rule of thumb, 100 references would not be considered a lot, more like just sufficient.

How many references should a research study have?

Number of references depends on the relevant literature available in the particular field of research. In a research paper, we include citations in the “Introduction” and “Results and Discussion” parts. You need not fix a minimum limit for the references, but a maximum of 15 highly relevant references is enough.

How many references do you need for a Phd thesis?

Based on the information the candidate can narrow down to a particular topic and then come out with certain new findings through an appropriate research method. As a rule of thumb the references could be 50 +.

How many references are usually needed?

Typical job seekers should have three to four references, while those seeking more senior positions should consider listing five to seven, experts suggest. And be sure to list your strongest reference first.

How many words should a thesis be?

That’s the word count that is often thrown around as a goal for a traditional Masters research thesis. However, there is quite a lot of flexibility around that number. According to the AUT Postgraduate Handbook (p. 97), a Masters thesis is “normally” between 20,000 – 40,000 words, with an upper limit of 60,000.

How many references should a 5000 word dissertation have?

3000 word essay: 20 sources (or more) listed in the reference list. 5000 word essay: 33 sources (or more) listed in the reference list.

How many references is too many?

Using too many references does not leave much room for your personal standpoint to shine through. As a general rule, you should aim to use one to three, to support each key point you make. This of course depends on subject matter and the point you are discussing, but acts as a good general guide.

How many references master thesis?

Master’s thesis: 40+ titles. Doctoral thesis: 50+ titles.

What is the best age for PhD?

The best age to start a PhD is probably around 25–26. First, I agree with the answer that “never” is the best age if you can’t get into a PhD program ranked high enough and/or is popular enough to have good job prospects and to yield a good financial return.

Can a thesis be too long?

Length: A thesis statement can be short or long, depending on how many points it mentions. Typically, however, it is only one concise sentence. It does contain at least two clauses, usually an independent clause (the opinion) and a dependent clause (the reasons).

What is the normal number of references in a thesis?

Lastly, there is no normal number of references because each topic is different. For some Master Thesis tasks, there may be a number of default works that should always be listed in the initial exposition of the general topic, which in itself already fill a page of references, whereas other Master Thesis tasks might not have such a “default list”;

How many references do I need for a research paper?

I’m looking for references or data on the subject. As alluded to in the comments, there is no generic “right” answer: the number will depend strongly on the nature of your thesis, the state of the literature related to it, and your personal scholastic style.

How many sources do I need to write a good thesis?

How many source might depend on the individual and how that persons works their sources. But I would still say, expect to be required to have 150 sources or close to it. My thesis was low on sources in part because I first outlined a theory and then applied that theory to the characters of four novels without much reference to outside sources.

How many references is too many in a dissertation?

The number wil’ vary according g to the length of the dissertation. The higher the number of references, the more limited the originality of the work and the poorer the creativity displayed. Thanks for contributing an answer to Academia Stack Exchange!


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