How much did Tyntesfield sell for?

How much did Tyntesfield sell for?

Tyntesfield, in Somerset, was the home of Lord Wraxall, who died last summer, and is to be offered for sale next week by the executors of his estate for £14.5 million. The selling agents, FPD Savills, need not look far for a buyer.

Who designed the gardens at Tyntesfield?

William Gibbs
In 1863 William Gibbs decided on a radical rebuilding of the house, which was now known as Tyntesfield, and commissioned plans from the London and Bristol architect, John Norton. Improvements were made to the house in 1889-90. In 1896 the walled garden was remodelled and extended, possibly by Sir Reginald Blomfield.

Can you walk dogs at Tyntesfield?

Dogs on short leads are welcome in most areas of the Tyntesfield estate, apart from the historic buildings, the Rose Garden and the walled garden.

Is tyntesfield free to National Trust members?

Car park £3, free to National Trust members. Free Blue Badge parking. Secure bike parking available in the Home Farm courtyard.

Who lived at Tyntesfield House?

The Tyntes had originally lived on the estate, but by the early 1800s, John had made Chelvey Court in Brockley his principal residence. Tyntes Place was downgraded to a farmhouse and leased to John Vowles.

Can you take dogs into national trust?

Dogs are welcome in the majority of National Trust gardens and parks. Many also have shaded parking areas, water and drinking bowls, dog mess bags and bins or hitching posts, to make your visit a little bit easier.

Does Stourhead allow dogs?

Dogs are welcome across Stourhead’s garden and countryside areas all year round. Please help us by keeping your dog on a short lead and picking up after it. Assistance dogs only are permitted in the restaurant and house. …

How much is entry to tyntesfield?


Gift Aid Standard
Adult £13.20 £12.00
Child £6.60 £6.00
Family £33.00 £30.00
Family one adult £19.80 £18.00

What happened to Tyntesfield House?

Few significant changes were made to Tyntesfield between 1931 and Lord Wraxall’s death in 2001. In May 2002 the estate was placed on the market by the late Lord Wraxall’s trustees; the house and part of the estate was purchased by the National Trust, who have begun a major restoration programme.

Where can I take my Dog for a walk around Tyntesfield?

Dogs on short leads are welcome in most areas of the Tyntesfield estate. Here’s what that means for your four-legged friend. Follow this route for a shorter walk around Tyntesfield, looping around the house and returning up the terraces and Holly Walk.

Why is there an empty lake in Tyntesfield?

You may be able to spot Tyntesfield’s empty lake to ahead and to your left. This has sat empty since WWII, when all ornamental lakes and ponds were ordered to be drained to prevent Nazi mapping of Britain. As much as we’d love to have it filled, it has a leak which we hope one day to repair.

What is the Tyntesfield access service?

This service is run by a group of dedicated volunteers and aims to open up access to the site for our visitors who may otherwise find the layout and terrain of the site challenging to navigate. The house at Tyntesfield is open Thursday-Monday 11am-2.15pm.


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