How much does a Gibson Melody Maker cost?

How much does a Gibson Melody Maker cost?

Based on your guitar’s condition—which appears to be 90 percent (excellent)—it’s currently worth between $1,300 and $1,650.

Is a Gibson Melody Maker a Les Paul?

The Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker solidbody electric guitar sports a slim mahogany body that’s lightweight and comfortable to play. Originally introduced as a student model (much like the Les Paul Junior), the Melody Maker became a player’s favorite for its light weight, comfortable neck, and great tone.

What is a Melody Maker D?

From 1959 until 1961, the Melody Maker had a single cutaway slab body style similar to the early Les Paul Junior model but thinner. In 1961 the body style changed to a symmetrical double cutaway. The “D” model Melody Maker included two pickups, and a short-scale 3/4 neck like this example.

What kind of guitar did Johnny Thunders play?

Johnny is playing a 1955 Les Paul Special with attitude! It was essentially a two pick-up version of the Les Paul T.V. (basically the T.V.’s older brother). The Les Paul Special only came in a “single cutaway” version in 1955 through 1958 then went to a double cutaway design till 1960.

Why is it called a Les Paul Jr?

The Les Paul Junior is not a different size guitar, it’s simply an entry-level Les Paul model. It was originally designed to be an affordable alternative to the Les Paul Standard, and thus is not as fully-featured. The main differences compared to a traditional Les Paul are: flat top instead of carved top.

Was Johnny Thunders a good guitarist?

Johnny Thunders is the archetypal punk guitarist, making use of power chords but infusing enough energy into his performances to make people stand up and take notice. The blues touches he adds into his playing is a nod to his musical heroes, and is a great method for spicing up a simple punk progression.

Who was Johnny Thunders married to?

Julie Jourden
Thunders was survived by his wife Julie Jourden and four children: sons John, Vito, and Dino, and daughter Jamie Genzale by Susanne Blomqvist.

When did the Gibson Melody Maker first come out?

The Gibson Melody Maker was first launched in 1959 and discontinued in 1971. It had a thin slab-style mahogany body and a one-piece mahogany neck. All the electronics, from the small single-coil pickups to the cable jack, were assembled on the pickguard and installed in a rout in the front of the body.

What kind of pickup does a Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker have?

Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker was manufactured 2003–06. It featured Jacareuba body, Spanish cedar neck, and 1 P-90 Single-coil pickup. Colors available were satin cherry, ebony and yellow The Melody Maker was returned to the Gibson line as a sub-model of the Les Paul model.

What are the features of a 1963 Melody Maker double cutaway?

Up for sale is a clean and sleek 1963 Gibson Melody Maker Double Cutaway in its original three tone sunburst finish. Features of this model include a sleek and simple single pickup design, chunky but not too chunky neck profile, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and nickel hardware. Like a Les Paul Junior but a whole lot less expensive!

When did the Gibson Flying V Melody Maker come out?

In 2011 Gibson released the Flying V Melody Maker, Explorer Melody Maker, SG Melody Maker and the Les Paul Melody Maker. All feature a humbucker and 1 volume knob, at a MSRP of $829us. They are limited edition and the colours available are Blue, Satin White and Ebony.


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