How much is a custom fit saddle?

How much is a custom fit saddle?

We specialize in making traditional Wade style saddles, but we offer to make a saddle any way you want—any style, fit to any horse (or mule), and fit to any rider, guaranteed—from basic to elaborate. Base price starts at $4,700 for a completed saddle.

Where are custom saddles made?

The opening of Custom Saddlery’s new plant in Walsall, England, along with the present facilities located in Aiken, South Carolina, and in Holland, increases manufacturing space from 3,500 square feet to 14,000 square feet.

How long does it take to make a custom saddle?

Depending on the complexity and amount of tooling, a saddle can take me anywhere from one to three months, usually, after I get the tree. The tree takes about 6 weeks to build from start to finish, and most good custom treemakers have long waiting lists.

What is a custom-made saddle?

There’s a lot of hype in the horse world about custom-made saddles. The correct tree for your horse’s shape is chosen, and construction begins. The saddle company will build the panel and flock it according to measurements, and add whatever you want for flap length, padding, knee rolls / thigh blocks.

Is a custom saddle worth it?

MYTH: A custom-made saddle is worth more money than a stock model. If you have to sell it sometime in the future, you probably won’t get any more for it than you would for a stock model and since it was made to one horse and one rider’s specifications, it can be even harder to move than an off-the-rack saddle.

Do I need a custom saddle?

Consider custom if: You can’t get a good fit for your horse off-the-rack. Your horse’s work or performance requires an exacting fit or a special saddle design change. A small saddle-fit problem can become monumental at long, hard distances or in certain taxing sports, such as to avoid saddle slipping in barrel racing.

Where are Jeff Smith saddles made?

Jeff Smith’s Custom Western Saddles | Handmade in Texas.

What is the best brand of western saddles?

Best Western Saddle Brands

  • See Circle Y Saddles here on Amazon.
  • See Billy Cook Saddlery Saddles here on Amazon.
  • See Wintec saddles here on Amazon.
  • See M Toulous Saddles here on Amazon.
  • See Stubben saddles here on Amazon.
  • See Pessoa saddles here on Amazon.
  • See Bates saddles here on Amazon.

What is a western saddle?

Western saddle. The Western saddle is designed to be comfortable when ridden in for many hours. Its history and purpose is to be a working tool for a cowboy who spends all day, every day, on horseback. For a beginning rider, the western saddle may give the impression of providing a more secure seat.

What’s in the name of a saddle brand?

M. Toulouse.

  • Freedman’s Saddlery. With world renowned craftsmanship,Freedman saddles are carefully handcrafted to meet both the horse and rider’s needs.
  • Stubben. Well known for their dressage,jumping and all-purpose saddles,Stubben offers superior comfort and design.
  • Collegiate Saddlery.
  • Pessoa Saddles.
  • Bates Saddles.
  • What is a saddle made of?

    Flaps, girth straps, and stirrup leathers are typically made from animal skins taken from cattle, pig, sheep, or deer; cowhide is the most common skin used in saddle making. Saddle trees can be composed of several materials, including beech wood, fiberglass, plastic, laminated wood, steel, aluminum, and iron.

    What is a saddle saddle?

    Western saddle at Garza County Historical Museum in Post, Texas, United States. The saddle is a supportive structure for a rider or other load, fastened to an animal’s back by a girth. The most common type is the equestrian saddle designed for a horse.


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