How much is an Aston Martin DB5 worth?

How much is an Aston Martin DB5 worth?

The Aston Martin DB5 may not be a car for the masses, and the automaker targeted only a specific category of buyers. A pristine quality (Concours) DB5 can rack in up to $1.3 million, whereas an excellent build will go for $990,000. Even a fair-quality DB5 would cost around $579,000.

What is a DB5?

The Aston Martin DB5 is a British luxury grand tourer (GT) that was made by Aston Martin and designed by the Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera. Although not the first in the DB series, the DB5 is the best-known cinematic James Bond car, first appearing in the James Bond film Goldfinger (1964).

How much is an Aston Martin db9?

Aston Martin DB9 2004-2016 prices and specs

Name 0-62mph Price
V12 2dr Touchtronic Auto [470] Coupe 4.60secs £128 150
V12 2dr Volante Touchtronic Auto [470] Convertible 4.60secs £138 150
V12 2dr Volante [470] Convertible 4.60secs £134 240
V12 2dr [470] Coupe 4.60secs £125 050

What vehicle is Moneypenny driving in SkyFall?

Land Rover Defender (Skyfall) The Land Rover Defender Double Cab driven by Eve Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) in Skyfall is one of the star exhibits. Here we see the Defender pictured after Miss Moneypenny decided she didn’t require the use of the door mirrors.

When did the Aston Martin DB5 come out?

The iconic Aston Martin DB5, released in 1963, is a luxury grand tourer made by British luxury sports cars manufacturer Aston Martin. It was a slight upgrade from the DB4 which preceded it.

How many Aston Martin DB5s did James Bond drive in GoldenEye?

A different Aston Martin DB5 (registration BMT 214A) was used in the 1995 Bond film, GoldenEye, in which the car is Bond’s personal vehicle and has no gadgets. Although it did come equipped with a champagne cooler in the arm rest and a fax machine. Three different DB5s were used for filming.

What is the difference between a DB4 and DB5?

The DB5, unveiled at the Earls Court motor show in October 1963, was a development of the DB4 but with many updates and improvements. The most significant change for the new model would be the introduction of a 3995cc straight six complete with three SU carburetors it offered an additional 42bhp over the outgoing DB4.

When did the Aston Martin Volante convertible come out?

From October 1965 to October 1966, Aston Martin used the last 37 of the Aston Martin DB5 chassis’ to make another convertible model. These 37 cars were known as ” Short Chassis ” Volantes and were the first Aston Martins to hold the “Volante” name.


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