How much is the CPCS exam?

How much is the CPCS exam?

Complete the credit card payment section at the bottom of the CPCS or CPMSM application….Exam Fees.

NAMSS Members Non Members
CPCS or CPMSM Exam Application $375 $500
Single Certificant Recertification $150 $300
Dual Certificant Recertification $175 $325
Exam Window Transfer or Exam Date Re-scheduling $100 $100

How do I become a CPCS?

Requirements for the CPCS:

  1. 3 years or more with a Master’s degree.
  2. 2 years with a Specialist degree (EdS in Clinical Mental Health)
  3. 1 year with a Doctoral degree (PhD/EdD in Mental Health) after degree has been conferred.

What does a CPCS do?

The CPCS provides skills cards to individual workers involved in the plant sector of the construction and allied industries. Each card provides identification and recognises the competence and qualifications of the individual holder.

What is CPCS Cpmsm?

The Certified Professional Medical Services Management (CPMSM) is typically employed or contracted by a healthcare organization including, but not limited to, hospitals (health systems), health plans, ambulatory care settings, group practices, or credentialing verification organizations.

Is the CPCS exam hard?

The exam is administered. As you can see, the exams are very rigorous, but those who successfully pass are examples of MSPs with proficient knowledge in the Medical Staff Services arena. Passing the exams require many hours of study, in addition to actually working in the medical services arena for several years.

What is Namss certification?

The NAMSS certification program aspires to the following goals for provider credentialing and medical services management: To promote industry standards, and to provide a means to verify professional knowledge in the field of provider credentialing and medical services management.

What does Namss stand for?

The National Association Medical Staff Services (NAMSS) is an association for medical staff professionals in the United States. NAMSS was established in 1971, has over 6,000 members and is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

What is a CPCS certificate?

The (CPCS Card) or Construction Plant Competence Scheme Card is a skills card for those who work with plant machinery in construction. Operators use the card to provide proof of competence in their role.

Is CPCS a legal requirement?

The CPC qualification is a legal requirement for anyone looking to drive commercially, in addition to their licence.

What does Cpmsm stand for in credentialing?

Certified Professional in Medical Services Management
Credential: Certified Professional in Medical Services Management (CPMSM)

What do credentialing specialists make?

Salary Ranges for Credentialing Specialists The salaries of Credentialing Specialists in the US range from $22,239 to $99,920 , with a median salary of $58,350 . The middle 50% of Credentialing Specialists makes between $49,328 and $51,938, with the top 83% making $99,920.

What is NAMSS credentialing specialist online certification preparation course?

The NAMSS Credentialing Specialist Online Certification Preparation Course is an online program designed to help you assess your knowledge of the CPCS exam content and identify areas in which additional study is necessary before you take the exam.

What is the CPCs online certification preparation course?

Note: The NAMSS Credentialing Specialist (CPCS) Online Certification Preparation Course is a learning tool, and does not guarantee success on the certification exam.

What is the difference between CPCs and cpmsm certification?

The Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist (CPCS) and the Certified Professional in Medical Services Management (CPMSM) certifications are designations which provide the public and employers the assurance that the MSP has the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to perform his/her job to the utmost capability.

What is the CPCs/cpmsm referral incentive program?

If you hold a NAMSS certification and have a friend or colleague who meets the eligibility requirements to sit for either the CPCS or the CPMSM exam, the Certificant Referral Incentive Program is perfect for both of you. Certification Discussion Forum – Utilize our Certification Discussion Forum to network with other certification candidates.


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