How much should I pay for polytechnic fees?

How much should I pay for polytechnic fees?

School Fees For Full-Time Polytechnic Diploma Education For the AY2021 cohort, Singaporeans pay $2,900 per year (after tuition grant), while Singapore PRs pay $6,000 per year (after tuition grant). School fees for international students are $11,000 per year.

How much does JC tuition cost?

What is the Tuition Rate in Singapore?

Tuition Rates Per Hour Part-Time tutors 1 Ex/Current Teachers
JC / IB DP $40 – $60 $90 – $130
Degree & Diploma $50 – $60 $90 – $120
Music / Piano 2 $30 – $40 $60 – $70
Adult Language 3 $40 – $50 $70 – $80

How are poly school fees paid?

The course fees are payable in two (2) instalments. The 1st Semester fees are payable before enrolment. The 2nd Semester fees are payable after the commencement of the second semester.

How do I pay Rp school fees?

Go to to learn more about Flywire and pay your fees….Payment via Flywire

  1. Track your payment from start to finish.
  2. Pay from any country and any bank (bank transfer, Credit Cards, etc.)
  3. Save on bank fees.
  4. Receive peace of mind with dedicated 24×7 multilingual customer support.

Can I pay university fees monthly?

You need to pay 25% of the annual tuition fee on or before enrolment and the remaining amount can be paid in seven consecutive monthly instalments between October and April.

How do I ask for a payment fee?

I hereby write to inform you that I will not be able to pay the fees of _________ (Semester/Year) due to ______________ (salary issues/some other emergency payments). I promise that I shall pay the fees by ____________ (Date and Month), and there will be no delay in the same.

What is Rp scholarship?

What is it? The RP Freshman Scholarship is offered by RP in partnership with industry partners and organisations. It is for the current O-Level and ITE students who are planning to enrol into any full-time RP diploma as first year students. This bond-free scholarship is valued at $3,000.

Why study at Millennia Institute?

At Millennia Institute, students cultivate a strong sense of purpose beyond self, ride on a variety of opportunities to learn to be more self-directed (autonomy), and improve on their mastery of knowledge and skills.

Why millmillennia Institute for GCE A level?

Millennia Institute is the only Centralised Institute offering a 3-year Pre-University course, leading to the GCE ‘A’ Level certification. For students who took the GCE ‘O’ Level examination and are eligible to apply for admission through the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE), the minimum requirements specified below must be met.

How much does it cost to study at ITE school?

School fees at ITE differ for Nitec and Higher Nitec. For Nitec, it costs S$426 an academic year or S$35.50 a month. Whereas for Higher Nitec, it’ll cost S$626 an academic year or S$52.17 a month.

How long does it take to get a refund from millennia?

Figured the refund from Millennia would take a short amount of time like with any other business/refund. It had been almost a MONTH to the day and I have called more than 5 times and still have NOT received my refund.


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