How reliable is PMR-30?

How reliable is PMR-30?

For us, the PMR-30 had zero cycling issues and proved to be completely reliable with the full range of ammunition tested. The sights are well-adapted for close-range shooting in low light, but they’re rough for target work.

Are Kel TECS reliable?

Kel-Tec’s high-capacity pistol is generally described as very reliable, with one reviewer stating his review weapon went through close to 700 rounds without a mishap. Another reviewer claimed that recoil “isn’t a consideration although the . 22 Magnum exhibits a healthy muzzle blast.”

Is the PMR-30 a good carry gun?

22 Magnum round, means it’s a great gun for people who might have less strength than the average gun owner. Finally, the Kel-Tec PMR-30 is a great range gun. With its loud bark, flat recoil, and large capacity magazine, you’ll want to shoot it for hours and hours on end.

How much is a PMR 30 cost?

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Price $529.99
Item# 1503773 MPN: PMR-30-CK-TTNM
Action Pistol
Capacity 30+1
Barrel Length 4.3in

What are the pros and cons of a Kel Tec PMR 30?

Kel Tec PMR-30 Review Pros and Cons 1 European slide release is not favored by many shooters. 2 Some may not like the look of the pistol. 3 .22 Magnum rounds may not be the best choice for self-defense. 4 Reliability was a problem, but that no longer seems to be an issue.

Is the PMR-30 a good gun?

As well, given that other rounds like the 9mm can have a lively recoil, this PMR-30 could be a great choice for anyone who doesn’t like recoil in a handgun. The .22 Magnums are incredibly powerful, yet they give hardly any noticeable recoil in this little powerhouse of a pistol.

How long is a Kel Tec pistol?

The full length of this Kel Tec design is 7.9 inches, and the barrel length comes in at 4.3 inches. While the width is a mere 1.3 inches making it very streamlined. Therefore, there is potential for having this as a concealed carry weapon with the right pistol holster choice for your particular needs.

How big is the construction of a PMR 30?

Construction of the PMR-30 The PMR-30 is a slim profile handgun with a full magazine and a long sight radius. It measures 1.3 inches wide, 5.8-inch-tall, and has an overall length of 7.9 inches. With a capacity of 30 rounds and a 4.3-inch barrel firing 30-grain bullets at a speed of 1,513 fps, this pistol is highly reliable for self-defense.


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