How would you describe Genting Highlands?

How would you describe Genting Highlands?

Genting Highlands is a cool hill station set amidst the cool mountain air and a majestic 100 million-year-old rainforest. Genting Highlands is also perfect for adventure enthusiasts as activities such as abseiling, indoor rock climbing and flying fox activities are available.

Why do people go to Genting Highlands?

Genting Highlands actually is more of a place of refuge for the local population. Entertainment and fun are the main reasons why people visit the place, but many people also come here to temporarily escape the heat of the capital Kuala Lumpur.

Is it safe to visit Genting Highlands?

Most people around Genting are friendly, but you should still remain cautious. When you’re traveling in this area, stay alert to your surroundings. Particularly, be aware of pickpockets and thieves. Keep your shoulder bag close to you, preferably around your neck, and always have your eyes on it.

Why is Genting Highlands cold?

PETALING JAYA, Jan 13 — Over 72 hours of continual rain caused temperatures to dip to a cool 13 degrees Celsius in Genting Highlands, Pahang, leading some to describe the mountaintop resort as unusually cold now.

When was Genting Highland built?

Since the opening of its first hotel in 1971, Genting Highlands Resort (rebranded as Resorts World Genting in 2009) has progressively grown from strength to strength.

Can we visit Genting now?

According to their official notice, Resorts World Genting has announced that they have officially reopened as of today. Limited offerings from the resort has reopened under Phase 3 of the NRP for Pahang residents only. In their statement, they have informed that all of their employees are already fully vaccinated.

What is nice in Genting?

Let’s have a look at the best things to do in the Genting Highlands:

  • Outdoor Theme Park Kids.
  • Dance the night away at Cloud 9.
  • Visit the Chin Swee Caves Temple.
  • Eat at Penang Food Village.
  • Scare yourself at the Haunted Adventure.
  • Go for a walk on the Genting Highlands Mountains.
  • Explore Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm.

Is Genting Highlands worth visiting?

Genting Highland is a leisurely one-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. It is snuggled on a mountain peak, a cool respite. If you’re assuming of escaping from your bustling working life and relaxing with luxurious indulgences in surreal surroundings, then Genting Highland is worth a visit.

What Genting means?

Graceful; elegant. [Middle English, noble, excellent, from Old French, well-born, from Latin genitus, past participle of gignere, to beget; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

What is the meaning of high land?

highlands, a mountainous region or elevated part of a country.


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