Is a Silky Terrier the same as a Yorkie?

Is a Silky Terrier the same as a Yorkie?

To add to the confusion, the breeds are of similar size, as well. But, the body of a Silky is much more substantial, with more bone and muscle. They range from 10-11 pounds, while the Yorkie weighs no more than seven. The Silky has a wedge-shaped head versus the more rounded skull of the Yorkie.

Are silky terriers aggressive?

Silky terriers can be great playmates for considerate children. They are fairly friendly toward strangers but can be aggressive to other dogs and pets. Silkies are great watchdogs (although they could be accused of barking too much), but they are too small to be effective as protection dogs.

What’s the difference between an Australian terrier and a silky terrier?

The Silky Terrier breed is a toy breed of the terrier dog type. Their height is 23-26 cm (9.1-10.2 in) and they are slightly longer than they are tall. This breed is slightly bigger than the Yorkshire terrier and smaller than the Australian terrier but they do have many features in common with the Australian terrier.

Does a Silky Terrier shed?

Grooming Needs MEDIUM: There is little-to-no shedding, but you’ll need to brush your Silky Terrier every day. The coat mats easily. The hair can split and tangle.

Are silky terriers loyal?

Silky Terriers make loyal and loving family pets. They are sincerely devoted to their human families and enjoy nothing more than quality family time. Due to their small size, playfulness, and loving nature, they are also great companions for children.

How smart is a silky terrier?

Silky Terriers are affectionate, smart and friendly. They are great watch dogs because of their alertness, but they can also be stubborn. They act more like terriers than typical lap dogs. They are good with children and other pets, and are adaptable.

How do you wash a silky terrier?

Wet her body with warm water and apply a shampoo designed for dogs. Lather her body and avoid getting shampoo in her ears, eyes and mouth. Rinse thoroughly. Your silky terrier can be bathed once every two months or on an as-needed basis.

Are silky terriers easy to train?

Willful and opinionated, but quick to learn, the Silky Terrier responds well to obedience training that utilizes food and praise. Silkys are proud, sensitive dogs and may not put up with rough handling or mischief. They can be possessive of their food and toys, and housebreaking can be difficult.


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