Is Kallax the same size as Expedit?

Is Kallax the same size as Expedit?

Design. Some Ikea fans experienced a shock recently when the furniture company announced it was discontinuing its extremely popular Expedit series of shelves. The Kallax is nearly identical to the Expedit – it will maintain the same internal dimensions and use the same internal fittings.

What’s the difference between Kallax and Expedit?

The key difference between Expedit and Kallax seems to be that the outer boards of Kallax shelves are slightly thinner and Ikea claim that the reason for this was to make their furniture more sustainable.

What are Ikea cubes called?

KALLAX is stylish and simple but it does many things. You can place it on the floor, on a wall or as a room-divider to completely transform your living area. KALLAX is available in many different sizes and colors and is easily personalized with a selection of doors, inserts, boxes and baskets.

Can you sit on a KALLAX unit?

You can choose its length but the ideal length is 4 inches, which is tall enough for the window bench. Keep in mind that it’s the perfect height for kids to climb on the bench. The adults can also sit comfortably. Screw those furniture legs firmly into the IKEA shelf.

When did IKEA stop Expedit?

IKEA will sell EXPEDIT shelves until they’re all gone, it confirmed, and the KALLAX will hit stores on April 1st. “I think our customers may be worried that they won’t have the wonderful function and flexibility that they had with EXPEDIT, but this is not the case,” said Simonsen.

How wide are KALLAX shelves?

Don’t let them have all the fun! Keep in mind when shopping that the openings of the KALLAX (previously the EXPEDIT) shelving units are 13″ wide x 13″ high (and 15 3/8″ deep). Six of these fit that space exactly, while the rest give you a little wiggle room in one or more directions.

What is the difference between kallax and Eket?

The main difference between the Kallax and the Eket is that the Kallax is a little bigger on each side so the records have more room at the top and it is easier to put them in and get them out of the unit. The Kallax cubes are 16” by 15” so you have a few extra inches on each side.


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