Is Karthika Nair a Malayali?

Is Karthika Nair a Malayali?

Sunanda Nair better known by her stage name Karthika is an Indian actress who worked predominantly in Malayalam movies and a few Tamil movies….Karthika (Malayalam actress)

Born Sunanda Nair Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Actress
Years active 1984-1988

Is Karthika Nair still acting?

Karthika Nair (born 27 June 1992) is a former Indian actress. She is famous for her eyebrows….

Karthika Nair
Born 27 June 1992
Nationality Indian
Occupation Actress
Years active 2009-2017

What is Karthika Nair doing now?

After waiting for offers for so many years, Karthika says she wants to focus now on her business as she runs UTS groups of hotels. She is an executive director at Uday Samudra Leisure Beach Hotel & Spa in Kerala as well.

How old is karthika?

29 years (June 27, 1992)
Karthika Nair/Age

Why did Karthika Nair stop acting?

The actress says she was averse to doing a show on television due to its demanding schedule but agreed after she came to know that it would be a finite series. Karthika says her character should not be confused with Devsena from Baahubali as they only share the name of the character and the writer.

Who is shourya in Karthika Deepam?


Full Name Baby Krithika
Other Names Baby Kritika, Karthika Deepam Shourya
Occupation Actress
Gender Female
Date of Birth 06 August 2010

What is the age of Hima in Karthika Deepam?

Baby Sahruda is also known as Sahruda Frooty, B Sahruda, Hima is an Actress from India. Age 13 years (04 September 2008) born in Warangal, Telangana, India.

What is the real name of Soundarya in Karthika Deepam?


Full Name Archana Ananth
Other Names Archana, Soundarya, Karthika Deepam Soundarya
Occupation Actress, TV Personality
Gender Female
Date of Birth 03 January 1988

Who is Hima in Karthika Deepam serial?

Baby Sahruda
The show starring Nirupam Paritala (as Karthik), Premi Viswanath (as Deepa), Archana Ananth (as Soundarya), Baby Sahruda (as Hima), Baby Krithika (as Sourya) in the lead roles, consistently tops the TRP charts.

Is Premi Viswanath married?

02/9Premi Viswanath Karthika Deepam actress Premi Viswanath is happily married to Vineet Bhatt, a popular astrologer based in Kerala.


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