Is the Astra VXR reliable?

Is the Astra VXR reliable?

Vauxhall Astra VXR reliability The Astra as a model itself didn’t make it into the top 100 cars in our Driver Power 2015 survey, ranking 172nd, but it’s still a better than the previous model in almost every respect.

Are Astra VXR fast?

It’s incredibly fast – the fastest in its class – but its sophisticated chassis finally makes all that power usable. Yes, the ride is firm and the price very high, but if you want a head-turning hot hatch that promises real driving thrills, this is it.

What does VXR mode do?

These can be summoned through two buttons, one marked ‘Sport’ and the other ‘VXR’ – the latter changing the binnacle lighting to red to further emphasise its sportier driving dynamics. The Sport mode stiffens the dampers whilst the VXR mode further hardens the suspension and also sharpens the throttle response.

Is VXR dead?

Vauxhall’s VXR performance car brand is not dead and there are plans for an electrified resurrection in future. Now a spokesman has told our sister site CarBuyer: “VXR will survive. We haven’t lost this sporting brand and it will remain at the forefront of performance motoring in the mainstream.

What does the VXR button do on the Astra?

My mother likes fiddling with the buttons in a car. In doing so, she’d hit the VXR button, which turns the Astra into a track racer with ultra-stiff suspension and very aggressive throttle response.

Is the Commodore all wheel drive?

These days, your performance Commodore is an all-wheel-drive V6.

Is the Astra VXR a good car to buy?

Nevertheless, the Astra VXR is an easy car to position accurately through a corner and honing the line with the use of the accelerator pedal is simplicity itself. The seating position may well feel a little elevated for taller drivers and visibility is an issue as a result of the chunky windcsreen and C pillars.

When did the Vauxhall Astra GTC come out?

Vauxhall introduced its contender in the hot-hatch segment with a highly tuned Astra GTC in 2005 and brought more than just a set of wheels and a body kit.

Should I buy a Ford VXR?

The styling is suitably hot hatch-esque too with a bulging bodykit, a central exhaust and large alloy wheels. But while it looks good, the VXR isn’t that enjoyable to drive. The ride is simply too firm, the power delivery is anything but smooth and the steering lacks feel.

Why did Vauxhall choose VXR as its sporting brand?

Vauxhall chose to develop VXR as its flagship sporting brand much as Volkswagen has GTI and Honda has Type-R. It forged a perceptual link with its VX Racing motorsport team in the process, underlining the connection between the Vauxhalls people could buy and the ones they saw on the track.


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