Is the museum park Archeon open?

Is the museum park Archeon open?

Museum Park Archeon is open. View the current information about the current measures here. In our park you step into the middle of history and discover how it used to be. The buildings, huts and houses have actually stood or are still in our country. Visit the Roman Museum and discover the real finds from South Holland.

Why spend a day in Archeon?

In the medieval town of Gravendam you live in the 14th century. Terraces opened! With delicious drinks and food (also take away)! The experience of our visitors is our highest priority. We are therefore proud that a day at Archeon is rated an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Who is Archaon the Everchosen?

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What did Archaon do with the eye of Sheerian?

Archaon plucked the Eye of Sheerian from its place on the belly of the dragon and hung it around his neck as his rightful reward. The next treasure to be won was the dreaded demonic mount of Agrammon.

What to do in Archeon?

At Archeon, you can experience three periods of Dutch history: Prehistoric, Roman and medieval times. The open-air museum site features 43 reconstructed structures: city gates, bridges, an inn, huts, temples, a monastery, farmhouses and guildhalls.

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