Is Vector Marketing a legit company?

Is Vector Marketing a legit company?

Is Vector Marketing Legit? Yes, Vector Marketing is a legit Multi-Level Marketing / direct sales company whose independent contractors make money by selling knives, kitchen cutlery and other Cutco products.

Does Vector Marketing pay well?

The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at Vector Marketing is $124,161, or $59 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $117,349, or $56 per hour. Salaries contributed from Vector Marketing employees include job titles like Receptionist, Sales Manager, and Sales Rep.

What exactly do you do at Vector Marketing?

Everyone starts at Vector Marketing as an entry-level sales representative. Our reps schedule appointments and introduce prospective customers to CUTCO Cutlery through one-on-one demonstrations. This can happen in a customer’s home or online with a customer.

How much do Vector sales reps make?

The typical Vector Marketing Sales Representative salary is $18 per hour. Sales Representative salaries at Vector Marketing can range from $8 – $38 per hour.

Are Vector jobs legit?

The answer: We are a legit company. Vector Marketing is NOT a scam and we are upfront and transparent about the entire Vector sales representative hiring and onboarding process from start to finish.

Is Vector door to door sales?

Vector never goes door to door, only made appointments with people through phone calls. Door to Door Sales Job. It is a friend of friends sales job that branches out from those friends and onto others.

What kind of company is vector?

Cutco Corporation
Vector Marketing is a direct selling subsidiary company and the domestic sales arm of Cutco Corporation, an Olean, New York-based cutlery manufacturer. The company was founded in 1981 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania….Vector Marketing.

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Olean, New York, US
Parent Cutco Corporation

Is Vector a good job?

It is a good job it is just a lot of time-consuming. You need to really balance your schedule to actually reach a good check every week. They say 15 dollars an hour but you need to actually do an appointment.

Is Vector a scheme?

The company is technically not a pyramid scheme or a multi-level marketing scam. But because Vector does rely on its employees to work at their own rate selling knives, it can certainly appear as a scam to many people introduced to the job for the first time.


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