Should you do brothers in arms Nilfgaard?

Should you do brothers in arms Nilfgaard?

Completing the Brothers in Arms quests are completely optional but, completing them will only benefit the player. The more Brothers In Arms quests you complete the easier it is to complete the Main Quest: The Battle of Kaer Morhen.

How do you get brothers in arms?

Brothers In Arms: Nilfgaard This branch of the Brothers in Arms quests will be unlocked after completing the quest “The Isle of Mists” and will take Geralt to the Royal Palace of Vizima, where he will meet up with a longtime acquaintance Emhyr Var Emreis, emperor of the Nilfgaardian Empire.

Will Dijkstra help at Kaer morhen?

Sigismund Dijkstra – If you successfully guide Dijkstra toward recovering his treasure in Count Reuven’s Treasure, then he will offer 1000 Crowns and a variety of other items, including some Greater Runes. He will not go to Kaer Morhen.

How do I recruit Keira Metz?

To enlist the help of Keira Metz, you have to complete her entire questline. It starts with “An Invitation From Keira Metz” and ends with “For The Advancement Of Learning.” Although, simply beating all of the quests will not be enough to acquire Keira’s help.

Can you recruit Emhyr?

You must keep Ves alive during this quest. Once completed, you can recruit him once you get the Brothers in Arms (Ves will tag along automatically). Cerys, Crach, Dijkstra, and Emhyr won’t come along for various reasons.

Should you do brothers in arms before Isle of Mists?

At the absolute minimum, it is highly recommended that you complete the following before you start Isle of Mists: Brothers in Arms: Velen.

Can you find Dijkstra’s gold?

You can’t recover the treasure in game, but you can learn from Menge where it’s located if you allow Triss to be tortured and ask about the treasure before asking about Dandelion. The extra information earns you some more Crowns but Djikstra will not help during the battle at Kaer Morhen regardless.

Can you save Vesemir?

The one victim of the Wild Hunt that Geralt can’t save is Vesemir. The old witcher will always die while he’s trying to protect Ciri from the Wild Hunt.

How do you get the crew without romancing triss?

Then all you need to do is talk to Triss and ask her to come to Kaer Morhen. She will then say that you need to help her first before she can come along with you disregarding the romance choices you will make during her side-quest.

Can you save Ivo?

You Can Not Unfortunately, Ivo will always fall to his death. It is a scripted event that the player can not influence in ay way.

What quests can you not do after Isle of Mists?

The following 25 quests will fail when entering Isle of Mists, if they are not completed.

  • A dangerous game.
  • A deadly plot.
  • A favor for a friend.
  • A matter of life and death.
  • A tower full of mice.
  • An eye for an eye.
  • Berengar’s blade.
  • Brother’s in arms – Nilfgaard.

Should I help Dijkstra find his treasure?


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