What are 5 interesting facts about the Titanic?

What are 5 interesting facts about the Titanic?

Some Titanic Facts To Discover

  • 269.1 metres – the length of the Titanic (882 feet 9 inches).
  • 825 tons – the amount of coal used per day.
  • 10,000 – the approximate number of lamp bulbs used on the ship.
  • $7,500,000 – the cost of building the RMS Titanic.
  • 2 – the number of workers killed during the build.

What was unique about the Titanic?

From the outset, the Titanic captured the public’s imagination. At the time, it was one of the largest and most opulent ships in the world. It was also considered unsinkable, due to a series of compartment doors that could be closed if the bow was breached.

How did Titanic not see the iceberg?

Mirages and hazy horizons were created by weather conditions. This bending of light could have created mirages, or optical illusions, that prevented the Titanic’s lookouts from seeing the iceberg clearly.

What are some lesser-known facts about the Titanic?

This is the Iceberg that sank the Titanic! After few days of the disaster,the iceberg which had the sign of red line at the bottom was photographed!

  • The Ship never broke apart! The survivors claimed to have seen the ship break into two parts in an inquiry in New York.
  • The Band really played while the Titanic was sinking!
  • What is unique about the Titanic?

    Unique Features on the Titanic. Here are some of the unique things built on the Titanic that most ships in the early 1900’s rarely had: One of the three elevators on the Titanic. A man filling the pool. The pool and the entries to get to the pool on the sides. Although most current cruise ships have multiple pools, this was the Titanic’s only one.

    How many children did the Titanic have?

    There were 126 children, aged 14 or under on the Titanic, but this number excludes several unborn babies, most of whom survived. 60 children died in the disaster. This page Lists of all the children that were on the Titanic.

    What was the importance of the Titanic?

    The Titanic provided several important lessons: it demonstrated the unprecedented capabilities of human watercraft engineering, and uncovered fatal flaws in ship design and safety. Ideas for creating the Titanic began during the early 1900s, when transportation made traveling realistic for the public.


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