What are 7 QC tools and modern tools?

What are 7 QC tools and modern tools?

The seven QC tools are:

  • Stratification (Divide and Conquer)
  • Histogram.
  • Check Sheet (Tally Sheet)
  • Cause-and-effect diagram (“fishbone” or Ishikawa diagram)
  • Pareto chart (80/20 Rule)
  • Scatter diagram (Shewhart Chart)
  • Control chart.

Which are the QC tools?

7 QC Tools for Quality Improvement with a Strategic Plan

  • List of the 7 QC Tools.
  • Cause and Effect Diagram. Cause and Effect Diagram also known as Fishbone Diagram helps in identifying the potential causes of an effect or a problem.
  • Control Chart.
  • Pareto Chart.
  • Check Sheet.
  • Histogram.
  • Scatter Diagram.
  • Stratification.

What are the 7 tools used in BPO for quality?

These seven basic quality control tools, which introduced by Dr. Ishikawa, are : 1) Check sheets; 2) Graphs (Trend Analysis); 3) Histograms; 4) Pareto charts; 5) Cause-and-effect diagrams; 6) Scatter diagrams; 7) Control charts.

What are 7 quality tools?

The 7 tools of quality are generally used by quality control and quality assurance engineers to solve product or process related quality issues on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and to reduce/eliminate non-value-added activities like product rework, repair, and rejection.

What do you mean by 7 QC tools?

The 7 QC Tools are simple statistical tools used for problem solving. For solving quality problems seven QC tools used are Pareto Diagram, Cause & Effect Diagram ,Histogram, Control Charts , Scatter Diagrams, Graphs and Check Sheets .

What are the 7 QC tools used for process improvement?

7 Basic Quality Tool Templates

  • Cause-and-effect diagram template (Excel)
  • Check sheet template (Excel)
  • Control chart template (Excel)
  • Histogram template (Excel)
  • Pareto chart template (Excel)
  • Scatter diagram template (Excel)
  • Stratification template (Excel)

What is histogram TQM?

In short, A histogram is a bar chart especially in TQM. It shows the frequency of a cause of a problem occurring where the height of the bar as an indicator of the most affecting reason.

What is a Checksheet in quality control?

A check sheet is a structured, prepared form for collecting and analyzing data. This is a generic data collection and analysis tool that can be adapted for a wide variety of purposes and is considered one of the seven basic quality tools.


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