What artery supplies blood to the rib cage?

What artery supplies blood to the rib cage?

Below the thoracic artery are the intercostal arteries, which supply blood to the ribs, and the celiac artery. The celiac trunk branches to feed blood to the stomach, kidneys, liver, and other organs.

What does the posterior intercostal artery supply?

The posterior intercostal arteries are branches of the superior intercostal artery (upper two spaces) and the descending aorta (lower nine spaces). They supply the chest wall, parietal pleura, and, through their dorsal branches, the skin and muscles of the back and the spine and its contents.

What is the superior intercostal artery?

The supreme intercostal arteries, or superior intercostal arteries, are formed as a direct result of the embryological development of the intersegmental arteries. These arteries are paired structures of the upper thorax which normally form to provide blood flow to the first and second posterior intercostal arteries.

What is the largest vein in your body?

Did you know that your Great Saphenous Vein is the longest vein in the human body? Extending from the top of your foot to the upper thigh and groin, THIS vein is the major culprit that causes Varicose Veins.

What do the intercostal arteries do?

They supply the intercostal muscles and, by branches which perforate the intercostales externi, the pectoral muscles and the mamma. The musculophrenic artery also gives branches to the lower part of the pericardium, and others which run backward to the diaphragm, and downward to the abdominal muscles.

Where is the intercostal nerve located?

The intercostal nerves are located deep to the internal intercostal muscle layer and superficial to the pleura. Each intercostal space is innervated by the intercostal nerve running in the space and the nerves in the two adjacent spaces (above and below).

Where do intercostal arteries arise from?

The first and second posterior intercostal arteries originate from the superior (supreme) intercostal artery, a branch of the costocervical trunk. Third to eleventh posterior intercostal arteries arise directly from the posterior surface of the thoracic aorta.

What are the branches of subclavian artery?

Branches. The subclavian arteries give off five major arteries each: the vertebral artery, the internal thoracic artery, the thyrocervical trunk, the costocervical trunk, and the dorsal scapular artery.

Where is the posterior intercostal?

The posterior intercostal arteries arise from the back of the thoracic aorta. On the right side, these arteries are longer because the aorta lies to the left of the midline. They travel in front of the vertebrae and behind vessels of the azygos venous system, esophagus, and thoracic duct.


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