What band is 350 to 390 MHz?

What band is 350 to 390 MHz?

Frequency Details

Unit Frequency Lower Frequency Upper
Gigahertz 0.35 GHz 0.39 GHz
Megahertz 350 MHz 390 MHz
Kilohertz 350000 kHz 390000 kHz
Hertz 350000000 Hz 390000000 Hz

What is 300Mhz used for?

According to this PDF the only things in the 300Mhz range are Aeronautical Radio-Navigation and Maritime Radio-Navigation Beacons. If you’re by an an AFB that might be is after all.

What frequency does the government use?

Federal Government Spectrum Use Reports 225 MHz – 7.125 GHz.

What band is 155mhz?

Frequency Details

Unit Frequency Lower Frequency Upper
Megahertz 155 MHz 174 MHz
Kilohertz 155000 kHz 174000 kHz
Hertz 155000000 Hz 174000000 Hz
Wavelength 1.934 meters 1.723 meters

How far away can radar detect speed?

Detection range can be as low as 100 feet or less to over a mile. A radar may track a distant large vehicle instead of a closer small vehicle without any indication to the operator which vehicle the radar is tracking.

What band is 300mhz?


Band name Abbreviation Frequency and Wavelength
Very high frequency VHF 30–300 MHz 10–1 m
Ultra high frequency UHF 300–3,000 MHz 1–0.1 m
Super high frequency SHF 3–30 GHz 100–10 mm
Extremely high frequency EHF 30–300 GHz 10–1 mm

Is there a standard offset for the 162-174 MHz band?

No standard offset. There are other unpaired single frequencies in other parts of the band that are not specified in the manual. Use of the band 162-174 MHz by the military agencies is limited to non-tactical or intra-base radio operations.

What is the frequency range of the 547 mobile radio?

547 LAND MOBILE Radio Astronomy 547 NG59 NG124 37.50-37.89 MHz Industrial 37.89-38.00 Public Safety 38-38.25 FIXED MOBILE RADIO ASTRONOMY

What frequencies does the military use for training?

7.15.1 To meet local military peacetime tactical and training requirements within the United States and Possessions, the military services may employ frequencies in the bands 3500-4000, 20010-22000, and 22855-24990 kHz on a secondary basis to the services of stations authorized on frequencies within these bands…

What is the frequency range of the government land mobile channels?

Government land mobile channels are normally on 12.5 kHz steps (138.0125, 138.025, 138.0375…) in NFM, P25, or other digital voice modes. Military aviation frequencies are normally on 25 kHz steps (138.025, 138.05, 138.075…) in AM mode. No standard offset or channel pairs. 138.0125-143.9875


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