What does a feller buncher operator do?

What does a feller buncher operator do?

What does a Feller Buncher Operator do? It sounds like a schoolyard insult, but the term “feller buncher” is really just a descriptive name. It’s a piece of logging equipment with a large metal arm and a spinning saw. It grabs groups of trees, cuts them, and puts them in piles so they can be picked up and moved.

What is a tracked feller buncher?

One of two subcategories of feller bunchers, track feller bunchers employ tracks for movement rather than wheels, which makes them generally more stable on slopes and wet or loose terrain.

What is the difference between a feller buncher and a harvester?

A feller buncher is essentially a less sophisticated harvester. This machine cuts down trees and groups them (a process known as “bunching”), but it doesn’t possess delimbing or bucking capabilities. A feller buncher is compatible with several types of heads, including disc saw, shear blade and chain saw options.

How much does a new feller buncher cost?

Featured in Feller Bunchers

Make Model Price
Bobcat 1080C $19,500
CAT 219 $25,900
Barko 885 $30,000
Tigercat 845B $59,000

What is bunching in forestry?

Bunch. To gather trees or logs into small piles for subsequent skidding by other equipment (24). To assemble logs together to form a load for transport (20). Bunching. See harvest functions.

When were feller buncher invented?

On a different front, a rubber-tired, drive-to-tree feller buncher was introduced by Hydro-Ax in 1976. It was designed by Len Vizina who started working in the woods when he was 12, pulling a crosscut saw with his uncles in Michigan.

Does a skidder cut trees?

A skidder is any type of heavy vehicle used in a logging operation for pulling cut trees out of a forest in a process called “skidding”, in which the logs are transported from the cutting site to a landing.

How big of a tree can a feller buncher cut?

Now they are even using these machines on steep slopes. Its called tether assist and uses a feller buncher with a grapple saw to fell and bunch trees. They are cutting stuff up to 36″ in diameter.

Who invented feller buncher?

Len Vizina

What is a feller buncher and how does it work?

A feller buncher is a self-propelled machine with a cutting head that is capable of holding more than one stem at a time. The cutting head is used strictly for cutting, holding, and placing the stems on the ground.

How do you extract a whole tree from a feller buncher?

Since the feller buncher does not have processing capabilities, the whole tree is usually extracted to the landing. If there is a desire to leave the slash in the woods, then a separate limbing and topping operation must be carried out prior to extraction.

What type of fuel is used in a funfeller Buncher?

Feller buncher uses diesel fuel to generate power. In most of the cases, the fuel is preferably to have cetane number greater than 50 (minimum 40). This is suitable when undergo operation for temperature below -20 °C (-4 °F) or elevations more than 1500m (5000 Ft.).

How does tree diameter affect feller-buncher productivity?

Published studies commonly find that feller-buncher productivity (tons/productive machine hour) is directly proportional to tree diameter. As tree diameters increase, the tons produced per hour increase, resulting in a lower cost per unit of wood produced.


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