What does Corsa OPC stand for?

What does Corsa OPC stand for?

Opel Performance Center
Opel Performance Center (OPC) is a division of the German automobile manufacturer Opel, initially set up as a subsidiary in 1997. The main focus of OPC is the development of performance derivatives of the Opel range, such as the hot hatch Corsa OPC and Astra OPC.

Is Opel Corsa 2008 a good car?

It has very good, strong brakes, the ABS works without fail. Opel uses good materials for cockpit and seat, whitch gives much comfort at riding. The small Corsa have very good, comfortable seats. The doors close nicely, but they are a little bit heavy.

How much horsepower does a Opel Corsa have?

Even better, the 2020 Opel Corsa can be had with a turbocharged 1.2L engine that makes up to 130 hp (97 kW) and 170 lb-ft (230 Nm) of torque.

Is an Opel Corsa a good first car?

The Corsa has been around for years but it’s still one of the most highly sought-after cars around. It’s an ideal first car for new drivers as it has relatively low running costs. It’s also more spacious than many other compact cars in the list.

What is OPC server?

The OPC server is a program that translates the hardware communication protocol used by a PLC into the OPC protocol. The OPC client software is a program that connects to the hardware, such as an HMI. The OPC client communicates with the OPC server to receive data or send commands to the hardware.

Is a 1.4 engine good for first car?

Most cars with an engine bigger than 1.4 Litres should be struck off your list of cars due to incredibly high insurance costs for a first driver, especially if you are 17 or 18 and getting your first car.

How fuel-efficient is the Nissan Corsa?

Although power comes with a price, the Corsa is surprisingly fuel-efficient, eating-up some reasonable 7.9 liters of fuel per 100 km.

Which is the most powerful Opel compact car?

Following the successful release of the fourth Corsa generation, the top-of the-notch OPC was released, ranking as the most powerful Opel compact.

What is the top speed of the Toyota OPC?

Besides being a terribly-well designed vehicle that inspires both performance and fun, the OPC comes with a 1.6 liter turbocharged engine with a power output of 192 hp. Thanks to its turbo-heart, the OPC can reach a max speed of 225 km/h and can do 0-62 in 7.2 seconds.


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