What engine was in the Saab Sonett?

What engine was in the Saab Sonett?

Sonett I
Body style 2-door and 2-seat roadster, RHD
Layout MF layout
Engine 748 cc three-cylinder Saab two-stroke

Is the Saab Sonett RWD?

In uncharacteristic Saab fashion, this thing is rear-wheel drive. Instead of making 65 horsepower at the front wheels like it did in stock form, this Saab is now making 180 horsepower at the rear in a car that weighs about 1,400 pounds.

Is a Saab Sonett front wheel drive?

Although the two-stroke engine is the rarest of all Sonett drivetrains, its front-wheel drive setup was maintained through its entire lifecycle, which further separated the car from those seeking a front engine/rear-wheel drive experience behind the wheel. Amazingly, the Sonett wasn’t the strangest Saab in history.

Who designed the Saab Sonett?

Sixten Sason
The result was the Sonett Super Sport, a 57.5hp, 1,100-pound two-seater with an aluminum box-section chassis cloaked in a simple, beautiful fiberglass body drafted by Swedish industrial designer Sixten Sason.

Did Saab make a sports car?

As a sports car, it met with very limited success, and was discontinued to make room for the next attempt. 1970 saw the Saab Sonett III, which traded in its two-cylinder for a four-cylinder engine, and fleshed out the body a bit, giving the car less of a stunted look than its forerunner.

What happened Saab?

SAAB Automobile initially went bankrupt in 2011 and, after a brief period under another company, stopped producing cars under the Saab name in 2014. Therefore, no, Saab is no longer making cars.

What kind of engine does a Saab Sonett III have?

And with a sturdy front-wheel-drive chassis, tunable V-4 engine and timeless styling executed in rustproof fiberglass, the Sonett III proved that Saab truly saved the best for last.

What kind of suspension does a Saab 3rd gen have?

Sharp handling, long a Saab trait, was accomplished with the III’s manual rack and pinion steering, a transverse wishbone independent front and tube axle rear suspension, both coil-sprung with telescopic shock absorbers.

Why did the Saab Sonett get a new hood?

Although the V-4 infused Saab’s sports car with newfound torque and freed its owners from having to purchase two-stroke oil, its packaging meant that the Sonett required a new, awkwardly bulged hood, a change that didn’t improve on what some felt was an already awkward design.

What kind of engine does a sonnet 3 have?

While the price remained the same, the Sonnet III’s V-4 received a different crankshaft for 1971; the 90mm stroke was complemented by a new 66.8mm bore, and with 8.0-compression, the engine made 65 DIN-rated hp at 4,700 rpm and 85-lbs.ft. of torque at 2,500 rpm.


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