What ever happened to Silverchair?

What ever happened to Silverchair?

Iconic Australian rock band Silverchair split indefinitely in 2011. And the band’s drummer, Ben Gillies, 39, has revealed the band fell apart due to their quest for fame. However despite their success, the group have split indefinitely and Ben says: ‘If I never make music with Silverchair ever again, that’s fine. ‘

Is Silverchair a metal?

Silverchair are generally classified as an alternative rock and grunge band, although their loyalty to specific genres has changed as they have matured. Much of the band’s early grunge and post-grunge work was inspired by Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Black Sabbath.

Who wrote Tomorrow by Silverchair?

Daniel Johns

What year did Silverchair tomorrow?


Are the members of Silverchair still friends?

“We’re still friends,” Johns says. “It’s almost like a divorce. We were friends since we were seven years old and I think they feel like when I wanted to leave the band that I abandoned them.

Who was in Silverchair?

Daniel JohnsPiano
Ben GilliesChris JoannouJulian HamiltonPaul Mac
Originally called the Innocent Criminals, Silverchair were formed in 1992 in Newcastle, Australia, by three schoolmates: guitarist/vocalist Daniel Johns, bassist Chris Joannou, and drummer Ben Gillies.

What was Silverchair biggest hit?

Miss You Love
#1 – Miss You Love. Silverchair’s best song is the ballad “Miss You Love” from the band’s album Neon Ballroom.

Who is the lead singer of Silverchair?

Daniel Johns

Daniel Johns
Genres Alternative rock electronica art rock R&B grunge
Instruments Vocals guitar keyboards
Labels Atlantic Eleven BMG
Associated acts Silverchair Dreams The Dissociatives I Can’t Believe It’s Not Rock

What is Silverchair worth?

Over the course of their career, Silverchair has sold more than 10 million albums worldwide. Silverchair holds the record for most ARIA Music Awards and Nominations with 49 and 21, respectively (nominations, wins)….Ben Gillies Net Worth.

Net Worth: $30 Million
Gender: Male
Profession: Musician, Drummer, Songwriter
Nationality: Australia

Why did Silverchair Break Up?

Silverchair announced they were going on “definite hiatus” in 2011 after attempts to record a sixth album broke down. Johns says he had 40 potential songs for the album but the vibe in the studio was “uncomfortable.” Eventually Johns decided he wanted to quit Silverchair.

What is Silverchair best song?

Was Silverchair popular?

Across a 19-year career, the band released a total of five albums, topping the ARIA charts with every one, and became one of Australia’s most beloved acts.


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